Illegals Caught Using Fake Border Patrol Vehicle to Enter US

I’m not sure I can count or name all of the ways aliens have used and still using to enter the US illegally. Thousands brave the vast deserts of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, walking miles across a hostile environment. In Texas, hundreds swim the Rio Grande River on a daily basis to work […]

Middle Eastern Illegals Carrying Stainless Steel Cylinders Caught 30 Miles Inside Arizona

For over a year, many sources have been reporting that members of ISIS have been working with Mexican drug cartels for their help to illegally enter the US. Since ISIS is making billions of dollars a year, they were eager to pay the drug cartels to show them some of their regular routes into the […]

Ranchers Blamed for Illegals Dying on Their Land

Thousands of illegals set upon a perilous journey when they decide to illegally cross into the United States. Many set off on foot and hike over a hundred miles through deserts that will kill you if not prepared. Others are dropped off in the desert by their human traffickers before reaching check points. In the […]

Thousands of Illegals Booted from Obamacare

We’ve seen reports how states like California are allowing illegal aliens to enroll in the state Obamacare exchanges and most of them are receiving government subsidies. Yep, that’s right! You and I are paying our hard earned tax dollars to help pay for healthcare for illegal aliens. Don’t know about you but that really ticks […]

Did Chief Justice Roberts Open Door for Unemployed Americans to Sue Illegals?

I’ve been contending for years that illegal aliens steal jobs away from American citizens. Illegal advocates deny this happens but tell that to unemployed carpenters who can’t get a job because builders hire illegals for less pay. Tell that to someone who can’t even get a warehouse job because illegals work for less and get […]

Illegals Cost US Taxpayers Over $90 Billion Per Year

Over the past several weeks I’ve posted how much illegals cost Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and California taxpayers. The amounts were staggering to say the least, but someone asked me what is the annual cost to taxpayers incurred by illegals for the entire United States. I turned to the Federation for American Immigration Reform […]

North Carolina Bans Sanctuary Cities for Illegals

A growing number of communities and cities have passed ordinances making them a safe haven for illegals. Known as sanctuary cities or locations, local law enforcement in these places refuse to comply with federal officials requesting the detention of illegals. Perhaps the most notable sanctuary city is San Francisco where an illegal shot and killed […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. Those were followed up with a report on how much illegals were costing Texas taxpayers a year, a state with a greater number […]

TX Gov. Warns County Sheriff Who Wants to Turn Dallas into Sanctuary City

Dallas County, Texas is the second largest county in the state of Texas with a population of 2.3 million people. It’s also the ninth most populated county in the country. Thirty-eight percent of the county’s population is Hispanic so it shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that the county sheriff is a Hispanic Democrat by […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost Texas Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. That’s a lot of money for states that most people don’t think about as having that many illegals. But what […]

Illegals Cost North Carolina Taxpayers $2 Billion a Year

Earlier this month, I reported that illegals cost Ohio taxpayers nearly $900 million a year, and those figures were based on numbers from a couple years ago meaning the figure is higher now. In 2010, it was estimated that there were at least 110,000 illegals living in Ohio. Five years later that figure has surely […]

Illegals Suing For Right They Don’t Deserve

If you haven’t guessed by now, one of my biggest pet peeves is illegal aliens demanding the same rights as legal and natural born US citizens. I’ll say it right up front that the only right illegal aliens have is the right to be deported back to their own country. I firmly believe in legal […]