Illinois Students Demonstrate Failure of Public School System

For the past several decades, America’s public school system has intentionally strayed away from their primary purpose of educating kids and spending more emphasis on brainwashing them to accept anti-Christian values such as homosexuality along with socialist ideology. American history classes are teaching a false and altered history and that America is the enemy of […]

Boy Has Civil Right to Get Naked in Front of Girls, Feds Rule

The people who work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights must be insane, on drugs or both. How else to explain their ruling that a teenage boy in the Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Illinois, has a right to undress in front of teenage girls in the girls’ locker room? The […]

What Good Is Free Speech If You Can’t Exercise It?

By now, gallons of ink have been spilled on the recent meeting (over the May 2-3 weekend) in the Dallas area where the contest was held on who could draw the best picture of Mohammed. Anti-jihadist blogger Pamela Geller of New York organized the contest. Two American jihadists drove hundreds of miles to kill the […]

Derailed Train Carrying Crude Oil Proves Obama’s Opposition to Keystone Pipeline Not Environmental

Barack Obama and many Democrats continue to use the excuse of environmental concerns to block the approval and partial funding of the Keystone XL Pipeline. They contend that pipelines can leak or rupture, spilling crude which damages the environment. They cited some of the spills and leaks that have happened over the years with the […]

Outgoing Illinois Democratic Governor Leaves Political Booby Traps for New GOP Governor

Pat Quinn was a typical Illinois liberal Democratic politician, molded in the century old tradition of corrupt politics. Starting as a tax attorney in the Chicago area, Quinn ascended the political world at a commissioner on the Cook County (Chicago) Board of Tax Appeals. Then he became the revenue director for then Chicago Mayor Harold […]

Democrats Determined to Financially Destroy Illinois

In 2010, Wisconsin was an economic disaster. Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker did the unthinkable when he started cutting state spending and reducing the deficit. Since that time, he has turned Wisconsin’s economy around. His economic policies have created jobs and revitalized neighborhoods and families. Without the help of a Republican controlled state legislature, […]

American Flag Decals Gets Firefighters Suspended

What’s wrong with displaying an American flag decal anywhere? It’s a sign of patriotism and love for one’s country. Yet four firefighters in Maywood, Illinois received a one day suspension from their jobs for displaying American flag decals on their helmets or on their work locker doors. Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh ordered all decals removed […]

Half of Illinois Residents Say They Would Leave State if Possible

Illinois is Barack Obama’s political home state. That’s where he started his campaign to turn America into a socialist nation. It’s also the home of Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, now Mayor of Chicago. The Chicago metropolitan area is the third largest metropolitan area in country behind New York and Los […]

Obamanomics Failing Illinois

A couple months ago, I wrote about the economic policies of Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker are working to reduce the state deficit and increase the overall economic and job growth in his state.  Scott, limited union bargaining powers, cut state spending and reduced taxes, all of which have led to a positive turnaround from […]

Students Taught Guns Must be Registered to Exercise 2nd Amendment Rights

This is another example of how liberals are using the public schools to brainwash kids into their socialist way of thinking. A seventh grade student in Springfield, Illinois, the state capital, was studying a workbook that he had been given in school that covered the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  When then student […]

OH OH! Watch Out Illinois Liberals, New State Rep is Black Constitutional Republican Who Cares About Teens

Republican Pam Roth has been the Representative to the Illinois state legislature since 2001.   She has represented Illinois’s 75th congregational district which includes the counties of Kendall, Grundy, Will and LaSalle just southwest of the Chicago area. In July, she announced that she would be resigning from her congressional seat at the end of August.  […]

Government Inability Helps The Second Amendment In Cook County Illinois

Sherrif Tom Dart says that, “the system is broken.” That is good news for Conservatives. It is good news because “the system” Dart refers to is really the arm of the state trying to interfere with and obstruct peaceful society. Dart isn’t talking about any real offenses against property or life that his office is […]