A Brief History of How We Were Scammed by an Income Tax 

In a previous article I explained at least one reason why Americans aren’t rioting over the size of the national debt and yearly budget deficit – how Washington is taxing and spending us into oblivion and yet we just don’t seem to care. Sure, when a pollster calls, we tell him or her it is […]

Of Course a Majority of Americans Support Raising Taxes on Top Earners

Most of the people who were polled are not top earners, so it’s no surprise that a majority of them support raising taxes on top earners. Let’s take a poll of foxes who want to have access to the hen house? How about a poll of wolves who want to eat the sheep? What do […]

I Care if Millionaires Pay More in Taxes and I’m not a Millionaire

With Republican friends like Bill Kristol, who needs Democrats to condemn? Here’s the latest from supposed conservative Kristol on raising taxes: “I don’t think Republicans have the leverage or it’s worth using whatever leverage they have in maintaining rates at 35% instead 37 or 38%. I just don’t think it’s economically — as far as […]

Colorado Voters Say NO to Tax Increase

For the past three years, all we’ve heard from the White House and the Democrats is that we must raise taxes.  They’ve disguised their tax agenda by claiming it is only for the wealthy, but that has not been the case. Obamacare and other issues forced on the American public have increased taxes for everyone […]

It’s Not ‘Class Warfare,’ It’s ‘Mass Warfare’

Liberals believe that if the rich are taxed, all will be right with the world, that only the rich will be affected, and since they have so much money, they won’t miss it. When the rich are taxed, everybody is affected in a negative way. Investments drop, building is curtailed, and hiring is postponed. It’s […]

Corporate Taxes are Bad for the Economy

I’ve often wondered what the average American actually pays in taxes. There are statistics that show what I call “transparent” taxes: Federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, State income tax, property tax, sales tax, etc. We can make general statements regarding these taxes since not everyone pays them equally or pays them at all. In […]