Why Is Sanders Catching Clinton in Iowa Polls?

The past couple of days, several news outlets have been reporting that Bernie Sanders is rapidly gaining strength in Iowa polls and in some of the polls he is only a couple points behind Clinton. However, none of the news outlets are explaining why. I suggest that there are three main reasons why Sanders is […]

Hillary Dupes 76% of Iowa Democrats

Hillary Clinton has a track record of lying and corruption. She lied to the American people, Congress and the families of the victims of the Benghazi massacre. She abused her position as Secretary of State in using that position to elicit donations from foreign sources to the Clinton Family Foundation. In fact, the Clinton Family […]

Does Your State Have More Registered Voters than Eligible Adults?

Prior to the 2012 elections, several states attempted to clean up their voter registration rolls.  One of those states was Florida.  They wanted to remove people that had died and a number of people that were not citizens of the US and therefore did not have the right to vote.  Their move was prompted by […]

Victory in Iowa – Webcam Abortions Banned

Face it, liberals will do almost anything to get their way and push their agenda, no matter how illegal or dangerous it may be.  Planned Parenthood is a shining example of how ethics and women’s safety take a back seat to their murderous agenda. The number of abortion clinics across the country has been rapidly […]

Iowa Democrats Praying for Abortions to Keep Killing Pre-Born Babies

I thought religion and politics don’t mix, so what’s the deal with Democrats praying for abortions? How many times have we been told that the there’s a separation of church and state? Liberals have been pushing city council meetings to do away with prayer to open the meetings. If you know anything about liberal politicians, […]

Iowa’s Congressman King Challenging Obama’s Immigration Dictate in Court

Barack Obama has abused the privilege of executive order more than any other president in history and he’s done it in only three and half years.  He is using executive orders to bypass Congress and set law all by himself.  A number of these orders actually violate the US Constitution.  In reality, Barack Obama has […]

Obama Says It’s About What Kind of Country We Leave to Our Children

In response to the Republican Iowa Caucus that just took place, President Obama spoke to some of his supporters and told them: “Part of what 2012 is about is both reminding the American people of how far we’ve traveled and the concrete effects that some of our work … but part of it is also […]

Who Voted for Ron Paul in Iowa and Why?

There are four categories of Ron Paul voters. The first category is made up of true Paul supporters. They vote for Paul because they truly believe in his platform. We don’t know how many true Paulian believers there are since they are disproportionally vocal, visible, and determined, a good set of characteristics for a candidate […]

Des Moines Baker Stands Up for Christian Faith

Hooray for Victoria Childress, owner of Victoria’s Cake Cottage in Des Moines, Iowa. She recently had a lesbian couple come into her shop to order a wedding cake.  (I’m sad to say that Iowa passed a same sex marriage law in April of 2009.)  In an interview recounting the event, Childress said, “But at that […]

Does Obama Rule by Principle or Politics?

In election years, the Democratic Party hosts a number of fundraiser events known as Jefferson – Jackson Day.  Named after presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, these events are generally considered to be quite important for the Democratic Party’s candidate to attend. The Jefferson – Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa was recently held while […]

Who Won ‘GOP Round 2’?

If the debate review feels rushed, it’s because it is. But I thought a few comments were in order: The biggest losers of the debate were the panelists. Chris Wallace should be ashamed of himself, and I have pretty thick skin. But Newt Gingrich utterly humiliated him, and frankly, he had it coming. His lighting […]