The World’s Most Moral Army?

No army takes such risks in order to protect civilians as the Israeli army does. I say this as a professional soldier. I say it because it’s true. And people who care about truth should know it. Colonel Richard Kemp is a distinguished and highly decorated former soldier from Great Britain. He has experience in […]

The Left’s Attempt to Preserve the Peaceful Palestinian Myth

Everything that radical Muslims do is at according to the plan for Muslim dominance of this country and the entire western world. Yet still, this slow advance has kept us relatively safe on American soil. But imagine what life would be like if here in America we had to contend with what Israel has been and is presently experiencing. […]

‘Palestinian’ Jesus and Temple Mount Denial

At the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March — which still couldn’t round up more than a few thousand men — the crazies were out in number. One speaker claimed Native Americans were being kept in concentration camps and led the crowd in a chant of “Down, down, USA.” Louis Farrakhan preached his special brand […]

Obama’s Iran Deal Violates Law He Signed in 2012

There have been many questions floating around concerning the legality and ethics of Obama’s and Kerry’s Iran nuclear deal. One of the concerns expressed is that once certain sanctions are lifted and businesses are allowed to sign contracts with Iran, what happens if it is learned that Iran is failing to live up to their […]

Is Russia’s Presence in Syria the Beginning of the Gog and Magog War?

“The newspaper has no prerogative to challenge God’s word of truth. Nor do those who read the newspapers.”1 With Russia involved in Syria, the prophecy pundits are making predictions again. The four so-called Blood Moons are so yesterday. There’s a new prophecy speculation on the horizon. The folks at The Blaze have been following the Gog and […]

Did Obama Just Secure Israel’s Destruction at the Hands of Iran?

Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim leader is dancing for joy as he has persuaded enough liberal Senate Democrats to override his veto of the Iranian nuclear deal. Obama has vowed to proceed with the deal even if Senate Republicans try to block it. In the wake of his jig, Iranian leaders are already ramping up […]

Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal Could Spell Destruction of Israel

There is no secret that our Muslim-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama hates Israel and has supported Israel’s enemies such as the Muslim Brotherhood who vowed to destroy Israel and the US. So one has to wonder if Obama’s rushed nuclear deal with Iran has a hidden agenda – the destruction of Israel? Allow me to explain: […]

Is Playing the Hitler and Nazi Card Always Wrong?

I generally like the writings of P. J. O’Rourke. One of my favorites is, “When you think of the good old days, think ‘dentistry.’” Can you imagine dentistry before the advent of precision medical devices and anesthetics, not just for dentistry but for all invasive medical procedures? “The greatest invention of the modern world is […]

What Part of “Death to America!” Doesn’t Obama Understand?

No deal at all is better than a bad deal. I think it’sis especially true with the recent deal with Iran that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are touting. On a weekly basis, Iranian leaders incite crowds with shouts of Death to America !” and “Death to Israel!” We’re the great Satan. Israel […]

Huckabee Attacked for Speaking Truth about Iran Deal

Several weeks ago, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump created an uproar when he spoke the truth about illegal Hispanic aliens. Many of them are members of violent gangs and bring their violence to our streets. I’ve personally witnessed how the crime rate skyrockets in neighborhoods after illegal Hispanics move in. Virtually everyone decried Trump’s comment […]

Obama Claims to be Closest Thing to a Jew Ever to Occupy White House

The sign of a truly delusional person is when they start making claims they believe to be true but are so blatantly false that everyone but them see it. I believe that we now have proof that Barack Hussein Obama is delusional, as if there was any doubt before. Feeling frustrated that so many people […]

Pro-Israel Donations Emboldening Republicans

America’s first Muslim president has spent the last 6 years destroying our friendly relations with Israel while at the same time trying to build relations with Muslim nations that want to destroy us. The rift created by Barack Hussein Obama and our longtime Jewish allies is about to take on another dimension in the battle […]