Rand Paul Starts the Most Important Conversation During Latest Debate

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may not have won the GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, but he may end up having had the most serious and important impact on the foreign policy debate. While most of the other candidates (and more than a few Democrats) seem to be agitating for a confrontation with Russia – […]

Carly Fiorina GOES OFF on Planned Parenthood; Wonders Why We Need Them if Obamacare is so Great!

Carly Fiorina continues to prove that she may be the best “attack dog” in the GOP primary field. In interview after interview Fiorina has shown that she is an above average debater and brilliant when forced to think on her feet. She has visited liberal TV and radio shows and has come out on top […]

Carly Fiorina Turns Tables on Hillary Clinton – Points Out the Real Extremists on Abortion

I am a big fan of Carly Fiorina. She is more conservative than Jeb Bush, more eloquent than Bobby Jindal, more experienced in the real world than Lindsey Graham — and she’s an absolute bulldog with the media. Since her unveiling at the 2015 CPAC she has consistently and passionately dogged Hillary Clinton – attacking her […]