The End of the ‘White American Majority’ is a Myth

“The U.S. Bureau of the Census has projected that America will have a ‘non-white’ majority by 2044.” (H/T: National Review) I don’t know any real white people. We are all shades of color, thus, “non-white.” White means Caucasian. That makes Hispanics “white” because they are Caucasian since their ancestors came from Spain. Jaime Gonzalez writes […]

Jeb Bush Finally says Something we Agree with: the Rise of Donald Trump is Barack Obama’s Fault

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently sat down with President Obama’s favorite little “journalist,” Steve Inskeep of NPR. The two met in Boston, where Bush was in the midst of campaigning, and of course the topic of conversation centered around… Donald Trump. Inskeep and Trump trotted out all of the anti-Trump tropes they could muster, […]

The Last Hope for the GOP Establishment is New Hampshire

The GOP is getting nervous, very nervous. In fact, they have gotten to the point that the prevailing thought on the GOP race for the White House is that the establishment candidates MUST win in New Hampshire… or they’re done. Steve Kornacki: Right now the dynamic in New Hampshire is interesting. It is the second […]

Rand Paul Starts the Most Important Conversation During Latest Debate

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may not have won the GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, but he may end up having had the most serious and important impact on the foreign policy debate. While most of the other candidates (and more than a few Democrats) seem to be agitating for a confrontation with Russia – […]

Hillary Clinton Getting CRUSHED in Colorado

Hillary Clinton got some very bad news this week when the latest Quinipiac poll numbers were released. The prestigious and well-regarded Q-poll spent the last week questioning voters throughout Colorado about their presidential preferences, and what they found was that most folks in Colorado think Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy liar and they’d far prefer […]

Conservative Study finds One GOP Candidate Rises Above the Rest

Heritage Action is one of our nation’s premier conservative organizations, leading the fight against government excess and corruption. Over the years Heritage has been a consistent ally in the fight for truth, justice and small government, and they’ve also served as a brilliant resource for American voters looking for an accurate accounting of their politicians’ […]

Is Rubio the New GOP Establishment Candidate?

Democrats and the GOP Establishment have lost control of the political process. They can’t count on the mainstream media to do their bidding because of the rise of alternative media. There’s also the problem of conservative Republicans pushing back, not apologizing for their views, and not being able to control elections. As the Kentucky governor’s […]

Marco Rubio Calls Donald Trump a Hypocrite on Immigration

Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) had some very tough words for his GOP presidential rival, Donald Trump. Rubio appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum this past Wednesday when he made an interesting argument about Donald Trump’s focus on illegal immigration. Rubio charged that Trump had only decided to be strongly against illegal […]

John Kasich Hates Conservatives and He’s Not Afraid to Tell Us about It… and then Ask Us for our Vote

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) may be among my least favorite GOP candidates for President, and a recent speech he gave in his hometown may show you why. Without naming names but quite obviously alluding to Donald Trump and Ben Carson (who are currently pulling in almost 50% of support from GOP voters), Kasich said, “Do […]

Jeb Bush’s Economic Reality: When You Don’t Have the Money Cut Spending

As Jeb Bush cuts salaries and slashes campaign staff, he, through his own actions, has provided us a teachable moment. Jeb’s progressive establishment beliefs of big government spending have run up against the reality of the private sector. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition between the world of government fantasy and that of the real. Jeb is […]

Jeb Bush says He’s Got “A Lot of Really Cool Things” He Could Do… Instead of Being President!

Jeb Bush must be feeling the pressure out there on the campaign trail, because, speaking at an event in South Carolina over the weekend, he let his frustration show. While discussing the gridlock that has become ubiquitous on Capitol Hill, Bush argued that he plans on working with both sides to get things done. In […]