More than 30 Recent Immigrants Caught with Ties to Terrorism!

Over the summer Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a list of recent immigrants who had been arrested after being tied to terrorist plots. At the time the list was about 20 people long, but over the last few months Senator Sessions has continued to update it, and the list now stands at more than 30! […]

House Committee Passes Questionable Border Security Bill

A number of polls show that the majority of Americans want the federal government to take more measures to secure our southern border with Mexico to prevent illegal crossings. Many of the same polls also reveal that the majority of Americans are against Obama’s delayed deportation of illegals and giving them millions of dollars’ worth […]

GOP Could Block Obama’s Amnesty Order by Blocking Funding

Some Republicans in both the House and Senate are looking for ways to block the implementation of Barack Obama’s executive amnesty order. The thought of an outright legal challenge was mentioned, but for some reason that idea seems to have lost its appeal. Then some Republicans began looking into the possibility of defunding or restricting […]

Labor Nominee Thomas Perez Behind New Black Panther White Wash

The president has once again sent up white smoke, this time for the position of Secretary of Labor in the appointment of Thomas Perez. Mr. Perez is a hardened leftist, a proponent of providing illegal-alien amnesty, the son of Dominican immigrants, and a Harvard-educated elitist. The president cites these last two points as major qualifications […]

Welfare Cost $746 Billion Last Year – More Than Social Security or Basic Defense

By the end of 1963, the poverty rate in the United States was around 19%.  In his 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced his War of Poverty program.  The first part of the War of Poverty was the enactment of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 which launched the Head […]

Obama’s Democrats Purposely Ignore Legal Mandate For Federal Budget Third Year In A Row

One of the prescribed duties of the US Senate is to provide an annual federal budget.  The last time this mandate was met was in April of 2009. Each year the president is supposed to put together a budget plan for the federal government that is then presented to Congress for approval.  It is rare […]

Obamacare’s $17 Trillion Cost Will Bankrupt America

The US Supreme Court concluded their hearings this week on Obamacare.  One of the questions they are mulling over is whether or not to do away with just the individual mandate or the entre healthcare bill.  During the proceeding, one of the justices jokingly invoked the 8th Amendment to avoid having to read the 2,700 […]