Something Fishy About Iran’s Catch and Release of Navy Boats

Talk about a snow job. Even for the Obama Administration, thanking the Iranian government for capturing two Navy boats and 10 sailors is low. The whole incident, in which the Iranian government publicly castrated President Obama hours before his self-aggrandizing State of the Union speech, is now being spun by the White House as some […]

Governors Refusing to Accept Syrian Refugees

Nearly two months ago I wrote that Secretary of State John Kerry was opening the doors to allow ISIS terrorists into the US. His plans are to allow 85,000 refugees into the US in 2016. Syrian refugees would account for 10,000 of those refugees with even more allowed in 2017. Kerry said that they would […]

Luxury Tax History Repeating Itself: What Will John Kerry Do?

Since 2008, tens of thousands of coal related jobs have been lost. As hundreds of coal plants have been closed, it is not just miners who are affected. As power plants close, all employees lose their jobs. Blue collar and white collar employees get the ax — managers, technicians, secretaries — everyone. But that’s not […]

The Left’s Attempt to Preserve the Peaceful Palestinian Myth

Everything that radical Muslims do is at according to the plan for Muslim dominance of this country and the entire western world. Yet still, this slow advance has kept us relatively safe on American soil. But imagine what life would be like if here in America we had to contend with what Israel has been and is presently experiencing. […]

Ignorant Liberals Welcome Potential Terrorists has begun yet another Hashtag campaign. This one is regarding the Syrian refugees that we mean, nutty, right-wing jingoists don’t want invading our country. The campaign is called “#AmericaWelcomes.” On their site, toward the bottom of the page, is an “America Welcomes You” map of the United States covered in tags, each representing a smiling, […]

Obama Continues Tilting at Windmills in Syria, Even as Putin Keeps Winning

President Obama’s foreign policy failure parade continues its march down Pennsylvania Avenue. The Middle East is still spinning wildly out of control; Russia has made President Obama and John Kerry look foolish. Europe is being overrun by Muslim refugees, who may or may not be loyal to the evil terrorists at ISIS. Still, Obama continues […]

Islam: Is it Better to Be Safe or Consistent?

I have to apologize. As conservatives, particularly social conservatives, we’ve been all wet on the topic of religion – mainly Christianity and Islam. We say one can’t possibly be a true Christian if, for example, if one appears to accept abortion, the taking of an innocent life. We chide people like John Kerry and Nancy […]

Kerry to Open Doors to ISIS Terrorists

For the past few months the liberal media has been covering the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria and other Middle East countries being ripped apart by civil war and Islamic terrorism. In Syria there are two wars waging, one by Syrian rebels and another by ISIS. We’ve watched as the refugees flee from […]

Joe Scarborough Rips Hillary Clinton; Explains Just How Bad the Email Scandal Really Is

On Monday morning MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough took several minutes to unwrap the Hillary Clinton email scandal and to expose the huge holes and gaps in team Clinton’s story on the matter. Scarbrough, using clips of Clinton’s own comments, expertly dissects her defense proving that the Democrat frontrunner for President is a liar (even if Scarborough […]

Are Kerry & Obama Wrong or Stupid About Iran Sanctions?

Secretary of State John Kerry and White House Trespasser Barack Obama are trying to convince Congress and the American people to lift sanctions against Iran. They claim that the UN Security Council sanctions state that some of the sanctions will be lifted just by Iran agreeing to negotiate a nuclear deal. Kerry has publicly stated: […]

Hostages Didn’t Deter Obama’s Great Achievement with Iran

President Obama and John Kerry have their precious nuclear deal, and it’s hard to tell who’s celebrating more — the administration, the mainstream press/stenographers, or the Iranian regime. I know many are certainly not celebrating. Anyone with any common sense, the entire right wing of our nation, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, as well as all […]

More Bad Science, Logic, and History From Bill Nye the Un-Science Guy

I almost never watch CNN. In fact, I rarely watch any news programs including Fox. But on Friday my wife was undergoing eye surgery, and I was relegated to the waiting room where the only program on TV was CNN. Bill Nye, best known for his TV series “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” was being […]