Why the GOP Establishment is Beginning to Like Trump and Hates Cruz

The GOP Establishment believed Jeb Bush was their guy. The two earlier Bush Presidents grew the government. There was no reason that a third Bush wouldn’t do the same. Sen. Ted Cruz was not the Establishment’s pick. He would not help them fund their pet projects. When you have Bob Dole and John McCain — […]

Ted Cruz, the Natural Born Citizenship Debate, and Political Payback

I saw an article with this title: “6 Things Ted Cruz Wants You to Forget.” The first one is “He wants you to forget he was born in Canada.” I’m sure there are lots of people who know he was born in Canada to an American mother and some people who don’t know. And I’m […]

Liberals and Establishment Republicans Sad to See Lindsey Graham Go

In case you missed it, and it was easy to do, Lindsey Graham has pulled out of the race to become our next president. I’m sure it was a difficult decision, being that he was beginning to pick up momentum. He was after all, gaining in the polls – at last I checked, he had […]

One More Reason to Vote for Cruz: John McCain Doesn’t Like Him

John McCain had his chance. He ran for President and lost. Most conservatives held their nose and voted for him because the alternative was too horrible to contemplate. President Obama has lived up to the horror. McCain would have been better, but he still would have frustrated the hell out of conservative if he had […]

Obama’s Veto Logic Defies Common Sense

Current House Speaker John Boehner is about to sign the 2016 defense policy bill and send it on to Barack Obama to sign. However, Obama has repeatedly stated that he will veto the bill for reasons that defy logic and common sense. The defense policy bill does not fund the Defense Department. It establishes policies […]

Latest Polls Have Some Shocking News for the Establishment

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Fox News polls have things coming up all roses for the conservative wing of the GOP as the anti-establishment candidates and the conservatives continue to trounce the left-wing of the party. Donald Trump continues to hold on to the top spot in the poll, but Dr. Ben Carson […]

Jeb Bush Gives Us the Best Reason NOT to Vote for Him

Jeb Bush may have made a mistake akin to poking an angry bear in the eye with a stick when he chose to throw his former protégé Marco Rubio under the bus earlier this week. (Especially considering that just four years ago Bush thought Rubio was Romney’s best option as a VP candidate.) It seems […]

Lindsey Graham Warns America – ‘If You’re Tired of War, Don’t Vote for Me’

The circus that is the Lindsey Graham show took his act onto the set of Fox & Friends on Thursday to make sure that all Americans knew that if they elect him President we will be going to war. If you’re one of those Americans who happens to be tired of the seemingly endless fighting […]

The Debate Over the PATRIOT Act Boils Over into June!

June begins with a bang as we witness the death of the sun setting provisions in the PATRIOT Act that have allowed the NSA to surreptitiously hoover up all of our digital information for the last decade +. However, June also opens up with the probable passage of the USA Freedom Act, which some say […]

John McCain Using Obama Donors to Purge Arizona Tea Party

John McCain has got to go. He’s up for reelection in 2016. The Tea Party needs to begin the process of ridding this political pariah from office. He’s a menace to good government and constitutional fidelity. McCain’s latest deed of political maleficence is working behind the scenes to lead a purge of Republican conservatives from […]

How I’m Preparing if ISIS Comes to America

“For us, we believe that this generation of children is the generation of the Caliphate,” one ISIS fighter tells the camera. “God willing, this generation will fight infidels and apostates, the Americans and their allies, God willing. The right doctrine has been implanted in these children. All of them love to fight for the sake […]