How Justice Scalia Set the Anti-Religion Crowd Straight

Justice Scalia rocked the secularist establishment in many ways — from his views on abortion and same-sex sexuality to affirmative action and religion and the founding of the United States. In a speech he gave in January of this year, Justice Scalia said: “One of the reasons God has been good to us is that we […]

Justice Scalia Says Supreme Court Responsible for ‘Destruction of Our Democratic System’

When our Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution and established the three separate branches of government, they believed it would insure the survival of the newly formed republic. Most of the power of the federal government was placed in the hands of Congress which was supposed to represent and do the will of the people. […]

Ted Cruz Takes on the Supreme Court

Sen. Ted Cruz This week, we have twice seen Supreme Court justices violating their judicial oaths. Yesterday, the justices rewrote Obamacare, yet again, in order to force this failed law on the American people. Today, the Court doubled down with a 5–4 opinion that undermines not just the definition of marriage, but the very foundations […]

Justice Scalia Tells Courtroom That 14th Amendment Protects Everyone, Not Just Minorities

In 1865, the 13th Amendment to US Constitution was ratified, legally abolishing slavery in the United States.  Then the question arose of what to do with all of the freed slaves.  Northern states wanted to grant them full citizenship and the rights that go with it, but the southern states fought hard to prevent that […]

The Constitution Is Not Anti-Abortion (or Pro-Abortion)

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Justice Antonin Scalia stated, “Regardless of what my views as a Catholic are, the Constitution says nothing about it . . . the Constitution, in fact, says nothing at all about the subject” of abortion. Scalia continued, “Just as the pro-choice people say the Constitution prohibits the banning of […]

Swear Upon the Altar of God Eternal Hostility against Every Form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man

After the Supreme Court ruling on immigration, which upheld a key provision in the law, the Obama administration has declared war on Arizona. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told FOX News: “I’m not stopping anything. I’m going to continue to enforce those state laws regardless of what the federal government is trying to put pressure on […]

SCOTUS Rules In Favor of Landowners Against the EPA

Located in the Idaho panhandle is scenic Priest Lake which is known for its great lake trout fishing as well as it beautiful setting.  It’s an ideal location for anyone wanting to build a home and settle down. So were the dreams of Mike and Chantell Sackett who purchased nearly two-thirds of an acre in […]