You Can Take the Terrorist Out of Islam, But …

This is a new one, but it’s an old one at the same time. Apparently, a substantial number of Muslims in the Las Vegas region have converted to Christianity. On its face, that’s good news. However, they seem to be having a hard time making the transition, as a group that admittedly includes a large […]

Hillary to Give LGBT Illegals Preferential Treatment

Twenty years ago, the President Bill Clinton was giving preferential treatment to certain interns in the form of illicit and adulterous oral sex in the Oval Office. Now Hillary, who also has aspirations to do what she wants behind closed Oval Office doors says that LGBT illegal aliens ‘deserve a higher level of care’ or […]

Hillary Says She’s For Illegal Immigration but Video Says She’s Against!

Hillary Clinton is like water. Most lakes have different layers of water and those layers often turn or reverse with the changing of the seasons. Oceans and seas have tides that change with the cycle of the moon. And Hillary Clinton apparently has views that also change depending on the season or popular views. This […]

Anti-Obama Hotel Mogul Steve Wynn Investigated by the DOJ and IRS

Wynn Resorts, built and managed by Steve Wynn, is being investigated for possible money laundering violations. Wynn has been a vocal critic of President Obama. Is there a connection between Wynn’s public criticisms of Obama and the Depart of Justice investigation? Wynn resorts could be guilty of wrong doing, but it all sounds a bit […]

School Considering Teaching Kindergartners How to Masturbate

How would you feel if you were the parent of a 5 year old in kindergarten and found that they were going to be taught about masturbation and that it’s okay to play with your genitals because it feels good? Clark County, Nevada is home to the infamous sin city of Las Vegas. It is […]

Election Results Quickly Takes Toll on Economy and Jobs

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, we all learned that Barack Obama had won a second term as President.  Like so many elections in the past the news had an immediate effect on the nation. On Wednesday, the Stock Market was so thrilled with facing another four years of Obamanomics that it fell 313 points.  Wall […]

Obama Has Job Creators Afraid to Create Jobs

The number one thing America needs more than anything else is jobs.  If we can get people back to working, it would spur the economy and things would definitely turn around. At a time when jobs are the number one priority, you would expect the President and congressional leaders to be turning to top job […]

$500 Million Secretly Diverted to IRS is Not about HealthCare — It’s About Control

There are no such restrictions on our government. Billions of dollars are at its disposal, and disposal is the right word. If the federal General Services Administration wants to take a trip to Las Vegas and spend nearly a million dollars, they can do it. It’s not their money. Now we learn that a half-billion […]

Does Rick Santorum Believe in the Nanny State?

I don’t gamble, unless you count investing in stocks gambling. I visit Las Vegas at least once each year. I’ve never put a penny in a slot machine, played Black Jack, or spun a roulette wheel. I take advantage of inexpensive hotel rooms (Mon. thru Fri.), great food, shopping, and magic shows. The Hoover Dam […]

President Ron Paul to Slash Own Salary

According to sources close to the Ron Paul campaign, the Republican candidate for President should be releasing part of his agenda later today in Las Vegas.  But if the sources are correct, Paul is about to shake the foundations of Capitol Hill. One of the first things to be unveiled is Ron Paul’s plan to […]