Viral Video: ‘It’s Open Season on Killing Whites’

A self-described black supremacist has posted a YouTube video in which he spells out the agenda of the radical Black Lives Matter movement. “It’s open season on killing whites and police,” said King Noble, whose members-only website is one long race-hatred screed. Comparing white people to buffaloes and black people to lions who kill them […]

From CNN to Chicoms, Liberals Want Conservatives Gone

Liberals as a group are fanciful dreamers, with heads full of hopes and fantasies about a rosy world filled with choirs of singing cherubs … and when their dreams don’t come true, they are bloody-minded, vicious little so-and-sos who are willing to slit your throat for standing in their way. Take for instance the case of […]

New Report Looks at Liberal Violence, Blames Conservatives

A new report issued by the Westpoint Combating Terrorism Center purports to raise the alarm on a “dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating from individuals and groups who self-identify with the far-right of American politics.” Got that? That’s conservatives who are violent, right? Wrong. The report, titled “Challengers From the […]

Leftist Protest Against Wall Street: The War of the Parasites

Not that we ever expected leftist and liberal crowds to demonstrate any wisdom, discernment, understanding, or any intellectual capacity whatsoever. The very leftist ideology requires that person that accepts it is devoid of any logical reasoning whatsoever unless he is part of the leftist elite. But the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign beats all records of […]