Bruce Jenner Shows up at Second Baptist in Houston

Bruce Jenner’s appeared at Second Baptist Church in Houston last Thursday night during the Christmas pageant. The link connects you to a post on the homosexual website,, and a video from the Houston KTRK Ch.13 news report. Jenner was not at Second Baptist to worship. He brought his film crew from his reality TV […]

Houston LGBT Losers Resort to Economic Blackmail

The LGBT+ community and the Lesbian mayor of Houston got trounced in Tuesday’s election of a bill that would have allowed men who thought they were women to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. It was sold as an equal rights ordinance. Refusal to follow the law would have meant fines of up to […]

Reason No. 345 to Remove Your Kids From Public Schools

I’m going to say this again. Get your children out of government schools. Do it now! We are free to do it, but most parents don’t do it because they actually think public schools are free. They aren’t. Not only are public schools paid for with confiscated money, but they are full-scale statist indoctrination centers. […]

‘Equality Act’ Creates More ‘LGBT Rights’ But No Rights for Biblical Christians

The Supreme Court opened up a Pandora’s Box of rights for sexual activity. When civil rights legislation was enacted, it was not a racial behavior act, since race is not a behavior. There are no identifiable “gay” people. If 20 people stood together in a group, and they all dressed the same, no one would be […]

Duke Freshmen Refusing to Read LGBT Graphically Illustrated Book

America’s educational system is playing a major role in the moral decline and destruction of our nation. Grade school students as young as kindergarten are being taught about sex and that homosexuality is normal and something they should be willing to experiment with. Middle school girls are provided with free birth control pills, long-term implants […]

Public School Students Sent to LGBT Sex Conference

As a parent, how would you feel if you found out that your child(ren) was sent to a conference that taught them about homosexual sex by their public school? That’s what parents in Iowa discovered earlier this year. In April, middle school students were sent to the Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth. The conference […]

Hillary to Give LGBT Illegals Preferential Treatment

Twenty years ago, the President Bill Clinton was giving preferential treatment to certain interns in the form of illicit and adulterous oral sex in the Oval Office. Now Hillary, who also has aspirations to do what she wants behind closed Oval Office doors says that LGBT illegal aliens ‘deserve a higher level of care’ or […]

Millions of Illegals and LGBT Allowed But Not Advocate for Persecuted Christians

It’s shocking to listen to liberals talk about illegal aliens being allowed to break long-standing American laws, and yet when it comes to an advocate for Christians being slaughtered, there is denial of a visit to the United States. In addition to permitting tens of millions of illegal aliens to gain citizenship, the Obama administration has […]

Cake Wars: Forcing Someone to Labor Against His Will is Slavery

Liberals overplay their hand. It’s part of the deficiency. Whether real or perceived, if the pagan left can rationalize a sense of “progress” on some freedom-killing cause du jour, then it’ll push, push, push until it falls flat on its face. Step aside, America. Give them room. Religious liberty is non-negotiable. Freedom of conscience is […]

The Left Strikes Back Against Memories Pizza with Its Own GoFundMe Campaign

Well, the results are in, and it appears that the owners of Memories Pizza are more than all set financially. For those who have been off planet, here’s a quick recap. A local TV reporter walks into a mom-and-pop pizza parlor and offers up a bogus hypothetical question — would this shop service a homosexual […]

Teachers’ Union Helping to Push LGBT Lessons to Kindergartners

Nearly one hundred years ago, John Dewey stated that the best way to take over a nation was for the people to turn their children over to public education system eight hours a day five days a week for twelve years. In that time, the schools could conform the children into the obedient citizens they […]

Another Bush in the White House Would be a Disaster for America

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the day would come that I would agree with Democrat operative James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville. But I’m with him on this one. We don’t need, and hopefully the majority of Americans agree, and we don’t want another Bush in the White House. Here’s a portion […]