Justice Scalia Says Supreme Court Responsible for ‘Destruction of Our Democratic System’

When our Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution and established the three separate branches of government, they believed it would insure the survival of the newly formed republic. Most of the power of the federal government was placed in the hands of Congress which was supposed to represent and do the will of the people. […]

Stop Mass Shootings by Giving Liberals Gun Control They Want

It only took a matter of minutes for liberals across the board to begin demanding more gun control after the Roanoke shootings on live TV on Wednesday. Existing gun control laws didn’t stop the mentally disturbed Vester Lee Flanagan from buying a Glock and killing two young journalists whose crime apparently was being white and heterosexual, […]

Where in the Constitution Does It Guarantee You the Right NOT to be Offended?

Atheists were offended by prayer in public school so prayer was banned. Atheists were offended by Bible in classroom so Bible banned. Atheists were offended by any mention of Jesus or Christianity so it was banned. Atheists were offended by traditional Christmas carols and even the word Christmas so they were banned. Atheists were offended […]

Has Chief Justice John Roberts Gone Over to the Dark Side?

John Glover Roberts Jr. was always considered to be a staunch conservative from the time he served as a law clerk for Judges Henry Friendly and William Rehnquist to his time in the Attorney General’s office, Justice Department and Office of the White House Counsel. In 2003, President George W. Bush appointed Roberts to a […]

Obama’s Liberal Supporter Starting To See Real Tyrant

For the past six years, many liberals have staunchly supported and defended Barack Obama no matter what he said, did or what laws he violated. Perhaps one of his most loyal disciples is Dana Milbank of The Washington Post. Over the years, Milbank has vigorously and blindly defended his master while slamming and mocking those […]

New York Times: Homosexual Marriage Reason Your Religion Must Go

Liberals are in a hissy storm this week over Indiana passing its new religious freedom law, which would permit business owners and other individuals to refuse to participate in what they consider sinful behavior. Naturally the cries have gone up from the Left about segregated lunch counters and water fountains, etc. The New York Times, […]

Christian Bakers to Pay Lesbian Couple Up to $150,000

With so many bakeries available in most cities, you would think that there would be plenty of options for homosexuals wanting wedding cakes for their perverted ceremonies. Yet there seems to be a growing trend for some of them to intentionally target Christian owned bakeries. Are they doing this to force them to violate their […]

Liberal Education has Turned Young Americans against the Bible

Gary DeMar, David Barton and many other Christians including myself have been raising warnings about the effects of a godless liberal education on our children. A look at today’s America pretty much sums up the effects as we see so many people who have little to no respect for life or others. All they focus […]

Will Obama Use Recess Appointment to Replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court?

Currently, the United States Supreme Court is comprised of four liberal judges, four conservative judges and one judge, Chief Justice Roberts, who no one knows where he truly stands lately. Of the liberal judges, none are more outspoken against Republicans and conservatives that Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Before George W. Bush became president, Ginsberg began her […]

Sen. Tim Scott Slams Liberal Left Concerning Helping the Poor

Liberals have the mindset that no one can be a conservative and still care for the poor. They take that mindset and project it into politics believing that no Republicans really care for the poor either. MSNBC is the most liberal mainstream network in the country. They also have that liberal mindset about conservatives not […]

Liberal Federal Judge Strips Arizona of Right to Protect Itself

Susan Ritchie Bolton is a very liberal judge that was appointed to the US District Court for the District of Arizona in 2000 by then President Bill Clinton. During her time on the District Court, Bolton has ruled not on law or the US Constitution but on the liberal agenda of the Democratic Party of […]

$1.6 Million Union Dues Spent in Anti-Scott Walker Campaign Ads

If you’ve ever belonged to a union, have you ever wondered what they do with monthly dues they automatically deduct from your paycheck? Generally you would think that it’s used to pay the salaries of union officials, but that’s not always the truth. Consider the case of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s teachers’ […]