California Liberals to Destroy State’s Ecology and Wildlife

I understand that many people are against hunting and fishing. They believe it’s cruel to hunt down an animal, shoot it and take it home and eat it. However most of them have no clue about effective wildlife management and the need to control animal populations to keep them healthy. Have you ever heard of […]

Liberals Still Bowing to Islam After Paris Attacks

French officials estimate at least 129 people were killed in last week’s coordinated terrorist attacks by ISIS in Paris. An additional 350-plus were wounded, and nearly 100 of those are in critical condition. Within hours of the French attacks, al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida offshoot, killed at least 147 people at a university in Kenya, according to […]

Could Obama Cost Hillary the 2016 Election?

In January 2009, the liberal Democratic Party found themselves in control of the House, Senate and White House. They fully intended to show America what changes they could make by ramming Obamacare down our throats against the wishes of over 65% of Americans polled. The Democrats attacked our Second Amendment rights to own and bear […]

Americans Lose the Meaning of Fourth of July

You may have heard of Mark Dice. Armed with his microphone and a video camera, Dice makes a habit of doing man on the street interviews that show up just how ignorant people can be. He’s topped himself this time with a video in which he grills people in San Diego about the Fourth of […]

British Elections Paint Grim Future for Hillary’s 2016 Aspirations

Ever since the Bible, God and Jesus had been removed from our schools and government, liberalism is beginning to spread through America like a plague. In 1992, the plague elected Bill Clinton to be president. Clinton’s liberal politics not only spread through the land but it spread overseas as well. Tony Blair, then Prime Minister […]

Murdered Baby Spawns Effort to Change Law

Michelle Wilkins of Colorado experienced one of the most horrifying events a mother could face. At seven months pregnant, Wilkins was looking forward to the birth of her daughter. She had found a woman on Craigslist that was selling baby clothes, so Wilkins traveled to the home of Dynel Catrece Lane. Once inside Lane’s home, […]

Liberals are Tyrants, Not Liberals

Using the term ‘liberal’ or ‘liberalism’ to define today’s Democrats is not only inaccurate, it’s the exact opposite of what they really are. I looked up the definition of liberal and what I read only supports my belief that we should use a different term to describe Democrats. The definitions I found are: “Adjective favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. […]

Orangutan has Human Rights, Court Rules

In case you thought “Planet of the Apes” was fiction, a court in Argentina has decided that you are mistaken. Foolish human. The court ruled that an orangutan has the same right to freedom as a human being after a group of lawyers called Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA) filed a writ […]

Millennials: The Most-Educated, Least-Employed Generation

A new report about young people in California has confirmed what many have sensed, that things are looking grim for the current generation of twentysomethings. The U.S. Census Bureau report, “Young Adults Then and Now,” takes a look at so-called Millennials, people between 18 and 34 years old, and finds that while they are more highly […]

Liberals So Angry Over Elections They Call Black Republican a Racist Uncle Tom

The racial problems in the country have been intensifying ever since Barack Obama illegally assumed residence in the White House and then even more so after naming Eric Holder to be the Attorney General. It seems they have emboldened blacks to become more racist and hateful towards whites. After the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida, […]

Reciting Pledge of Allegiance in Class ‘Too Risky’ Says Teacher

Did you ever think you would see the day that reciting the full Pledge of Allegiance in a classroom would be considered too risky and pose legal repercussion? That’s the case according to one recently retired teacher in Utah. Sandra Gertsch was an elementary school teacher in Salt Lake County, Utah before retiring last year. […]

Liberal ‘Kids’ Infiltrate Los Angeles Republican Party

In an article titled “‘Liberty Kids’ shake up L.A. Republican Party, look to other states” on Yahoo, Reuters celebrates a cabal of liberals who have successfully infiltrated the Los Angeles Republican Party and begun to steer it sharply left. The article examines a group of young so-called Republicans who eschew the conservative principles that branded […]