Obama’s Sunday Night Speech Rife with Lies and Hypocrisy

Barack Obama addressed the nation at prime time Sunday night. The White House says Sunday night was picked to reach the largest audience. Really? In his speech praising and supporting his fellow Muslims, he picked the night and time when many Christians are attending evening service. So who was he really addressing? In his speech, […]

Hillary Clinton Caught in More Lies – Will She Ever Tell the Truth?

There is no other way around it but to say that Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar and the American people can never ever believe or trust a word that comes out of her mouth in the future! In March, Clinton held a press conference about her email scandal and tried to answer everyone’s questions […]

Hillary Clinton Says the Bible is the ‘Biggest Influence’ in Her Life

How do you know when a lawyer is lying? When you see her lips move. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Mix that with her being a politician, and you can wager that almost everything she says is a lie. She’s been programmed to lie her way into seats of power. She will say whatever is […]

Dem Candidate for TX Gov. Adds Fuel to Own Political Funeral Pyre

If Texans were paying any kind of attention to the governor’s campaign, they should be aware that they can’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the leading Democratic candidate Wendy Davis. Back in January I reported how Davis had fabricated and greatly exaggerated her past so as to gain sympathy from voters.  […]

Dem Candidate for Texas Governor Caught in Lies about Her Past

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) is running for Governor of Texas against State Attorney General Greg Abbott (R).  Davis has gained the support of many by sharing her rise from a troubled past.  To listen to her talk about herself, you would think this woman struggled for years and worked so hard to rise […]

‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis Caught in Series of Lies

“Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis, the liberal darling of the pro-abortion set and the new celebrity icon of the Girl Scouts, has been caught in a number of lies about her background. Davis, a Texas state senator who is running for governor and is touted as “a rising Democratic star,” came on the national scene when […]

Obama’s Popularity Plunges as Lies Take Toll

President Obama’s job approval rating has slipped down to 39 percent, with a 53 percent disapproval rating, according to the Gallup Poll. That’s still two out of five too many American voters who believe in him, but it’s a long way from the inexplicable 65 percent he once enjoyed. What’s more notable than the tenacity […]

Secretary of State John Kerry Demonstrates Proficiency in Lying and Deception

Secretary of State John Kerry was just in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, speaking to a group of young adults.  He spoke on climate change, the use of drones, the war in Iraq, the economy and the terrorist watch list.  According to Fact Check, Kerry skillfully lied, exaggerated and spoke half-truths. On the topic of climate control, […]

Sandy Hook Lies – Part 2

Yesterday, I raised the issue that liberals, including President Barack Obama, were intentionally lying to the American people about what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School for the sole purpose to push their anti-gun agenda. I reported that there were only two handguns found at the scene with Adam Lanza’s body inside the school.  […]

The Sandy Hook Lie Used to Promote Gun Control

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December was tragic, horrific and unthinkable.  There was no logical reason for it to have happened and the loss of so many young lives shook the very foundations of the American people.  But what has happened since Sandy Hook has been almost as tragic and foundationally destructive. […]

How Do We Know “We” Are Not “Directly Involved” In Mali?

So France is going to “re-conquer” Mali but not us. Nope. We’re just providing support for them. This is “France’s War.” The problem is that our government lies to us all the time and the media typically reports the government’s claims as facts even when the claims contradict what was said yesterday. Furthermore, our executive […]

More White House Cover-Up Lies On Benghazi?

I caught a clip on the news last night that said the White House is now saying that two units were sent to Benghazi to help but were turned back. My first reaction is what a pile of bullpuckie! Ever since the attack was first made public, Obama and his gang have continued to stall, […]