The Truth about Obama’s Smoke and Mirrors Theater on Gun Control

No President has the authority by the use of an Executive Order to limit the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, and that includes gun control. Why is it that there are more thousand regulations (federal, state, and local) impacting the Second Amendment but almost no laws regulating the right to “freedom of the […]

Top Democratic Senator Calls for $975 Billion Tax Increase

Democrat Patty Murray is the Senior US Senator from the state of Washington.  She has been in the US Senate since 1992 and now serves as the Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, which places her in a very influential role when it comes to the nation’s finances.  She was also a member of the […]

Pelosi: More Tax Revenue To Close The Deficit, Not Spending Cuts

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Nancy Pelosi about proposed budget cuts and the coming “sequester” that will slash about $85 billion from the government’s budget. To most non-government officials, that $85 billion seems like a lot of money, but to a government that spends that much in a little over a week, it’s […]

Obama Supporter and Fund Raiser Helps Questionable Individuals with Offshore Investments to Avoid US Taxes

Marjorie Rawls Roberts is tax lawyer located in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands who owns her own firm that specializes in offshore investments and how to avoid paying US taxes on those investments.  Prior to owning her own firm, Roberts worked for a different St Thomas firm that managed nearly $1 billion of […]