White Guilt, Common Core, and Howard Zinn

A few miles up the road from my house there is a prestigious private school. The average schlub like myself could not — and now knowing what I know — would not send my children there. The prestigious Derryfield School “educates” students, grades 6 through 12, and costs in excess of $28,000 per year. It […]

Bourne Identity Video Spying is Being Used by Feds to Spy On You and Me

Most of you have probably seen the Bourne movies starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.  In the Bourne Identity, America’s black op spies use closed circuit cameras all over the city and the world to track Jason Bourne and others.  You may have also seen similar scenarios used on popular TV programs like NCIS where […]

Some High Profile Liberals are Deserting Obama

The 2008 election of Barack Obama was the election of a rock-star: Some good guitar riffs, but only a few notes and most off key. Not only did Blacks vote in record numbers, but it seems that every high-profile liberal got behind his candidacy. It was all about the music. In 2007, Barack Obama presented […]

Teachers Unions: Money Corrupts, Give Us More Money

A “million march” rally of about 8,000 members of teachers unions gathered last week in Washington to protest cuts in government spending, lower taxes, and capitalist greed. The rally may have been unimpressive in numbers, but it was made newsworthy by the presence of some celebrities like the actor Matt Damon, the educator and writer […]