Thousands of Illegals Booted from Obamacare

We’ve seen reports how states like California are allowing illegal aliens to enroll in the state Obamacare exchanges and most of them are receiving government subsidies. Yep, that’s right! You and I are paying our hard earned tax dollars to help pay for healthcare for illegal aliens. Don’t know about you but that really ticks […]

Will Newly Elected GOP Governor of Kentucky be able to Scrap State Obamacare Exchange?

Republican businessman Matt Blevin shocked the Democratic Party by defeating their shoe-in candidate Jack Conway in this month’s election for the governorship of Kentucky. The three largest cities in the state, Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort are Democratic strongholds which were supposed to keep a Democrat in the governor’s mansion, but enough conservatives rallied to vote […]

Planned Parenthood Suing Alabama Could be a Good Thing

Here’s some good news. Planned Parenthood is suing Alabama because the state refuses to use taxpayer money to fund the abortion provider. “Planned Parenthood Southeast Friday filed suit against the State of Alabama and Governor Robert Bentley over his decision to cancel the state’s family planning contract with the abortion provider following allegations the organization […]

Is Obama Using Medicaid Expansion to Bankrupt States?

Five of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution are a problem for Barack Obama and his socialist following. What socialist government wants its citizens to have freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, protection against illegal search and seizure and the freedom of self-incrimination? Honoring states’ rights as stated in the […]

The “Illegals Pay Taxes Too” Argument

One of the mainstays of the Democrat agenda that must be completed prior to Obama’s exit is the legalizing of illegal aliens. And as if right on cue, the Fiscal Times via Yahoo Finance has presented proof that immigrants, despite being undocumented, are contributing a portion of their (ill-gotten) income to paying their fair share. The […]

More Proof of Obamacare Failure

With everything that has happened since the Affordable Care Act was first introduced into Congress in 2009, does anyone recall what they said was its main purpose? To refresh your memories, the main purpose was to provide affordable healthcare insurance so that EVERY American would be covered. They even imposed a penalty, fine tax or […]

$50,000 Per Person is Government Cost for Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable and most of us are well aware of the fact. Most Americans are being forced to pay more for less coverage under the Affordable Care Act than they were before it went into effect. Under the employer mandate, employers are being forced to pay more for the […]

Medicaid Poised to Come Crashing Down

When Obamacare was implemented, it provided a way for states to expand Medicaid coverage to more people. Under the expansion, it is reported that an additional 9.7 million Americans joined the Medicaid program, swelling the number to 68.5 million. That means that approximately one in every five Americans is enrolled in Medicaid. One of the […]

The Obamacare Abyss: Why Can’t Millions of Americans Afford Coverage?

We’ve all heard it said hundreds of times that under the Affordable Care Act every American will have affordable healthcare insurance. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi still try to convince us of this even though they both know it’s nothing but a lie. Rachel Garfield, Senior Researcher for the Kaiser Family Foundation and Associate Director […]

Obamacare Shutting Down Free Healthcare Clinics for US Citizens

Usually when I hear any reference to free healthcare it’s associated with illegal aliens mooching off the welfare of American taxpayers. The free healthcare they get is not from free health clinics but from regular hospitals and urgent care centers. In some parts of the southwest, small hospitals and urgent care centers have had to […]

50% of Listed Medicaid Doctors Not Accessible

Remember all of the wonderful promises that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi made about the Affordable Care Act? One of those promises was that we would all have more access to better medical care than before. If you believed that whopper of a lie, then let me know as I have some land to sell […]

Obama’s IRS Rakes in Record Amount of Tax Revenue

How many times in the past five years have you heard Barack Obama say that he wouldn’t raise taxes on middle and lower income Americans? I think if I got paid every time Obama made that statement, I’d be approaching the one percenter group. After trying to hide around 20 tax increases inside Obamacare alone, […]