Michele Bachman and Glenn Beck Can Only See the Apocalypse

I’ve been writing on the subject of eschatology (the study of the last things) for a long time and countering the argument that a near end-time apocalypse is around the corner. Over the years I have participated in innumerable debates, written ten books on the subject, and published nearly 100 articles. If there’s anyone new […]

Michele Bachmann Claims Iran Deal is the Fulfillment of End Times Prophecy

Earlier this month, former Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, declared “that the nuclear agreement reached between Iran, the United States and five other world powers is nothing more than the fulfillment of End Times prophecy found in the Bible, and added that the world will likely see the ‘strong right arm’ of the Lord strike […]

Michele Bachmann Says Jesus’ Second Coming is ‘Imminent’ Because of Obama’s Nuclear Negotiations With Iran

The Christian Post reports that “Former congresswoman and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has accused President Barack Obama of being ‘pro the goals of Islamic jihad,’ which she explains includes welcoming the ‘hidden imam’ to bring on the apocalypse.” She went on to say, “Talk about what you see in the newspaper every single […]

Bachmann’s Final Blast Turns Table on Caustic Critic

During the 2012 presidential primaries, many campaign promises were made and many were ridiculed and mocked. Among those was a statement Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made back in 2011 when she stated: “The day that the President became President, gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. Look at what it is today. Under President Bachmann, you will […]

Michele Bachmann, Obama Defender, Should Be Front Page News

Yesterday, I searched for Michele Bachmann on Google News. Only Salon and the UK’s Guardian had a story emphasizing her role on the floor of the House, praising the Obama Administration’s spy program. Only Salon made a headline out of it. A couple of others mentioned her. Why didn’t we see headlines on all major […]

Did Michele Bachmann Lie?

A second key staffer for Bachmann’s Iowa campaign has now resigned, this one over the Congresswoman’s claim that Kent Sorenson, the first defector, left only because “he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign.” Wes Enos, Bachmann’s own political director in Iowa, came to Sorenson’s defense, contradicting […]

Michele Bachmann Ambushed by Eight-Year-Old

Michele Bachmann met an eight-year-old boy named Elijah at a South Carolina book signing, who informed her, “My mommy — Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” This confrontation is similar to one that Gov. Rick Perry got on the subject of evolution. The Texas governor was responding to a question from […]

Michele Bachmann Needs to Quit Whining

I’ve never asked anyone to apologize to me. I especially don’t ask people who write or say nasty things about me to apologize. If you really want to get under someone’s skin, ignore the agitator. In the film Fatal Attraction (1987), Glenn Close’s character is irritated beyond belief when Michael Douglas tells her that their […]

Is Washington DC a Good Representation for a National Capitol?

Last week Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry referred to Washington DC as a ‘seedy’ place. Following the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, Rep. Michele Bachmann said that it was all an act of God because of what had been happening there. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin spoke about ‘real America’ and made it […]

America’s Needs Versus the Tree Huggers

Right up front I want to say that I have always been for saving the environment. I grew up learning to appreciate the great outdoors and want to see my kids, grandkids and great grandkids be able to enjoy the same beauty that I’ve been able to experience over the years. At the same time, […]

What I Expect from a President Michele Bachmann

An open letter to Michele Bachmann. You are now a candidate for the President of the United States of America. You took the time to announce your candidacy. But what does this announcement mean for America? The announcement is the easy part and now it’s done. The road to getting elected begins. Now that the […]