Protesters Take Over Oregon Federal Building

In a move that is being characterized as either a heroic stand against tyranny or a case of domestic terrorism, and everything in between, a group of people protesting the treatment of two Oregon ranchers has taken over a building on a large chunk of federally owned land. The building is apparently unused, but the […]

The Second Amendment as Our Founders Understood It

The New Hampshire State Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing regarding some gun issues which are: Repealing the existing law that requires a person to have a concealed firearm license in order to carry concealed. Increasing the length of time a license to carry is valid. Directing the state police to enter into reciprocity agreements […]

Archie Bunker Was Right: Rob Reiner is a Meathead

Wednesday evening I decided to watch a much commercialed debut of the television show “Legends” on TNT. It’s kind of a Cop/FBI/CIA/secret agent show. Anyway, the star, an FBI agent, or whoever he was, played by Sean Bean from Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen, has for months been undercover in a gang of […]

The Day When You Were Fined for NOT Owning a Gun

Up here in the Northeast, most of the states are either full on radical leftism or headed that way in a big hurry. When I came to New Hampshire from Georgia, it was truly an island of conservatism in a sewer of liberalism, surrounded on all sides. Unfortunately the once proudly red state is now […]

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens wants to Rewrite Second Amendment

John Paul Stevens served on the Supreme Court from 1975 to 2010, the second longest tenure of all Supreme Court justices. Fortunately for freedom-loving Americans, he can’t do any more damage. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the present crop of justices from significantly remaking America into their own misguided image. His latest book, Six Amendments: […]

The ‘Well Regulated Militia Civilian Border Patrol’

President Obama has failed in his job to secure and defend our borders with other nations, namely the US-Mexico border.  Illegals are still pouring in by the hundreds and thousands, and Obama refuses to enforce federal law to stop the flow of illegal Democratic voters. I’ve often advocated that we should bring our troops home […]

The Second Amendment is About Fighting Tyranny

What is the real issue at hand concerning the attempted raping of the Second Amendment rights of American citizens?  Is it really about preventing more violence or protecting our children?  Or is it something else completely different being hidden under the guise of preventing violence. Here is Obama’s understanding of the Second Amendment: “I, like […]