Ted Cruz Shows that Liberals Hate Facts

Ted Cruz is the smartest guy running for President. He’s the most tenacious as well. He’s a bulldog with a mild manner. That’s why liberals and RINOs hate him and fear him. I can’t understand why he’s not higher in the polls. He would do the best in one-on-one debates. The video clip below shows […]

Islam: Is it Better to Be Safe or Consistent?

I have to apologize. As conservatives, particularly social conservatives, we’ve been all wet on the topic of religion – mainly Christianity and Islam. We say one can’t possibly be a true Christian if, for example, if one appears to accept abortion, the taking of an innocent life. We chide people like John Kerry and Nancy […]

Ted Cruz Explains Why John Boehner Resigned and How He Made a Deal with Pelosi

There were cheers among conservatives over the news that John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress. But Rep. Boehner could do a lot of damage in 30 days if he follows his usual practice of giving into Obama and working with the Democrats. Instead of leading the House majority that was given to him in […]

Joe Biden Says ‘Abortion is Always Wrong’ But He Supports It Anyway

When then candidate Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, the topic of abortion came up. Biden is Roman Catholic, and if there is a consistent voice of opinion in the Church it’s that abortion is a grave moral wrong. Biden has taken what he describes as a “middle-of-the-road position”: “I remember vividly the first […]

Hostages Didn’t Deter Obama’s Great Achievement with Iran

President Obama and John Kerry have their precious nuclear deal, and it’s hard to tell who’s celebrating more — the administration, the mainstream press/stenographers, or the Iranian regime. I know many are certainly not celebrating. Anyone with any common sense, the entire right wing of our nation, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, as well as all […]

Pro-‘Gay,’ Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi Says Rubio is a Bad Catholic

Nancy Pelosi says she is a faithful Roman Catholic. She has said that Marco Rubio is a bad Roman Catholic: “I thoroughly disagree (with Rubio’s opposition to gay marriage), being raised in a Catholic family, raising a Catholic family, mainstream Catholic – well, the Baltimore Catechism, to get back to our hometown of Baltimore, was […]

‘Catholic’ Pelosi: Homosexual Marriage ‘Very, Very Exciting’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dusted off her Catholic credentials Friday on MSNBC as she bit into Marco Rubio for opposing homosexual “marriage.” Pelosi is one of those politicians I like to think of as a Kerry Catholic. Back when John Kerry was running for president in 2004, he tried to appeal to conservatives and […]

“The President is Plunging the World into a Very Dark Place”

  On Tuesday night Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went to a very controversial place when he argued that “the President is plunging the world into a very dark place.” O’Reilly focused on the growth of terrorism throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world – wondering how the Obama administration could possibly […]

35% Drop Covered California Obamacare Policies

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to tell America that Obamacare has been a huge success. She often points to Covered California as her example of just how successful the Affordable Care Act is. If you believe her, you would think that people are paying less for more coverage and everyone is tickled pink about their […]

Surprise! Obamacare Premiums Going Up Again!

How often do we have to point out that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable? Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi started their lying about the cost of Obamacare early on in 2009. They stood before Americans time and again promising that their socialized healthcare program would be more affordable and provide better access […]

John Boehner Supports Foreign Power While Dismissing Own Party

So John Boehner defied President Obama and brought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in to speak to Congress and the world. The same day this happened, John Boehner and a group of 75 Republicans joined with the all the Democrats to fund an unconstitutional action by President Obama. “The House voted Tuesday to fund the […]

Joe Biden Wants to ‘Emancipate Wealth’ by Stealing More of It and Making More Poor People

Joe Biden is creepy and dangerous. He was picked by Obama to be the vice-president for two reasons: First, because he knew that Biden could not compete with him in the realm of public popularity. He needed a vice-president who would not upstage him. Biden was the perfect pick. The stooge that made the other […]