Governor Uses Bible to Deny the Bible and Our Liberty

Because of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, some states are scrambling to come up with some remedial legal remedies. It’s happening in Georgia, but Republican Gov. Nathan Deal is opposing any legal protections and is trying to use the Bible to make his case. In reality, it’s money over morality and common sense. […]

Georgia Passes Historic Gun Rights Bill

I shoot my Samick takedown recurve bow in my front yard and practice with my hand guns and other weapons in the woods behind me, and I live on a fairly busy street not far from a major high school and middle school. The police station is a half-mile from my house. Nobody pays any […]

Georgia Gov Signs Historical Display Law Allowing Ten Commandments to be Posted in All Government and School Buildings

Over the past couple of decades, atheists and liberal legals like the ACLU have been systematically forcing the removal of the Ten Commandments from government buildings including public schools.  They’ve used the premise of a supposed separation of church and state to rid the hallowed halls of government and education of the laws that God […]