Something Fishy About Iran’s Catch and Release of Navy Boats

Talk about a snow job. Even for the Obama Administration, thanking the Iranian government for capturing two Navy boats and 10 sailors is low. The whole incident, in which the Iranian government publicly castrated President Obama hours before his self-aggrandizing State of the Union speech, is now being spun by the White House as some […]

Netanyahu Subject of Spanish Arrest Warrant

In 2010, the Israeli Navy blockaded access to the Gaza Strip. A number of ships and boats containing pro-Palestinian activists attempted to break up the blockade. Upon boarding the Mavi Marmara, one of the activists’ ships, Israeli sailors were attacked by activists carrying knives and clubs. When Israeli sailors began to defend themselves, a gun […]

Tennessee Shooter’s Motives Elude Obama, White House, FBI, Media …

Rush Limbaugh is right. We are now living through what, a mere eight years ago, was a comedy skit. Limbaugh on Friday was talking about the apparent mass confusion over the motives of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in murdering four Marines and a sailor in broad daylight in Chattanooga, and he compared today’s actual comments to a […]

Navy Chaplain Relieved of Duty for Being a Christian

Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to wage war on Christianity although he still professes to be a Christian. On September 30, 2011, the Pentagon issued a directive to all military chaplains to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies and to make military chapels available for any such private ceremonies. In response to the Pentagon directive, the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Service issued […]

Military Cancels Memorial Day Fleet Week Appreciation Event While Government Spends Nearly $1 Million on Empty Bank Accounts

In 1984, the New York City area has hosted Fleet Week during the Memorial Day holiday.  It’s the community’s way of showing appreciation to members of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.  In recent years, the event has welcomed over 6,000 members of the military. Fleet Week consists of all kinds of shows and events […]

Coming Across Presidential is as Important as Winning on Points

The third and final presidential debate is now history and there was plenty of fodder for everyone. Those in the viewing audience that were slavering for red meat were, generally, on a restricted diet. With respect to malicious behavior, however, the president definitely took top “honors”. He smirked, he interrupted, he talked over Governor Romney. […]

Obama’s Allowance of Gays in Military Fails to Buy Him Votes

In the past two years, everything Barack Obama has done as President seems to be more geared to buying the vote of liberals, minorities, gays, wackos and wierdos rather than actually running a country.  Many thought that his allowance of homosexuals to serve openly in the military would help buy him more votes, but that […]

Obama Chopping Down America’s Military Power

We’ve had several blogs on here lately that have been revealing President Obama’s intentional plans to weaken America’s military might (Pentagon Moves to Weaken Combat Troops and Family Values and Military Chaplains to be Charged with Sedition and Treason for Preaching Against Sin).  Now you will see some of his additional measures to thin the […]