Obama Releasing Hundreds of Terrorists from Gitmo to Rejoin War on America

Barack Obama has long made it known that he wants to close the prison at Gitmo. The question he often ducks is what to do with the known Islamic terrorists being held in captivity at Gitmo if the prison is closed. Without letting America know, Obama is quietly resolving the prisoner issue at Gitmo. He’s […]

Obama’s Asinine Statements and Inactions Concerning ISIS

There is no doubt that ISIS is a major threat to the United States and rest of the world. The United States needs to make a definitive decision to either fully commit to fighting ISIS or do nothing. At the moment, Obama seems incapable of making that decision. The best way to describe his efforts […]

Seattle School Board Promoting Disruptive Classrooms & Less Learning

Among the many problems facing public schools these days is the disruptive behavior on the part of students. Spanking has been outlawed or banned in all public schools as far as I know. Teachers are limited on what kind of discipline they can enforce on disruptive and unruly students. The end result is that more […]

Hillary’s Misuse of State Department Position Helped University Pay Hubby Bill

How many scandals will it take to destroy the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton? It only took one major scandal to force Republican President Richard Nixon to resign in disgrace. It only took one minor scandal to destroy the political career of Republican Vice President Dan Quayle. A number of Republican candidates have had their […]

Obamacare 1 Year Report Card Scores a Big ‘F’

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. If you listen to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi you would think that the national socialist healthcare system has been a huge success, but you would be wrong. The New York Post took a look at Obamacare and graded it like […]