Atheists Forcing IRS to Silence Churches

In the early 1950s, socialist US Senator Lyndon B. Johnson found himself facing steep opposition from Christians throughout the state of Texas. Pastors were warning their congregations about the dangers of re-electing Johnson. Like any good socialist, Johnson was not going to tolerate anyone using their First Amendment rights to speak out against him or […]

If the IRS Scandal Concerns You, Wait Till You See Who’s In Charge of the IRS Enforcement of Obamacare

From all we’ve heard in the news, the IRS targeting of non-profit applications with the name ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriot’ started back in 2010 if not earlier.  At that time, Sarah Hall Ingram was the commissioner responsible for all tax-exempt organizations and applications for non-profit status.  Ingram held that position from 2009 through 2012. Joseph […]

Obama’s Brother Got Non-Profit Approval from IRS in 34 Days

In the past few days, we have already heard contradictory reports from Washington concerning the IRS scandal.  One report says that a few IRS agents acted independently and another report says that they were following orders from supervisors in Washington.  The agents themselves are all saying that they were following orders, but when President Obama […]

Congress and White House to Put Thousands of Charities Out of Business

Most charities in the United States rely on donations as their primary source of income.  When donations are made to a non-profit charity, they become a tax deduction to the person or corporation giving the donation.  Subsequently, many people only give donations because of the tax deduction they receive.   This can be seen in the […]

Oregon Town Retaliates Against Christian School

A month ago I wrote about Canyonville Christian Academy and their battle with the Canyonville city council who was charging non-profits double the rates for water and sewage.  The academy discovered that the city had placed a special surcharge on them and other non-profits including churches, to compensate for their inability to collect other taxes […]

Oregon City Doubles Water and Sewer Fees for all Non-Profits

Since they don’t collect any local taxes from non-profit organizations, Canyonville, Oregon, a small town of 1,700, has decided to double the fees they charge schools, churches and YMCAs for city water and sewer.  Written into the city ordinance is the statement, ‘in lieu of taxes.’ The issue came to light when Canyonville Christian Academy […]

Political Activism OK for Mosques, Not Churches

Most churches have a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service.  One of the provisions of holding a 501c3 non-profit rating is that the church is not allowed to actively take part in political activities or publicly endorse a political candidate. This has been an issue of contention and debate by many church leaders who […]

PETA Kills 95% of Animals They Rescue

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have always been against the cruelty or abuse of animals.  They have fought to ban all laboratory use of animals and for that manner, any use of animals.  They swear to being vegan or vegetarians.  They won’t use any products made from animal material such as leather, furs […]

Egypt Proving to be Sign of Obama’s Failing Foreign Policies

For thirty years, Egypt was rule by Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak.  He assumed control of the ancient nation upon the assassination of Egypt’s third president, Anwar El Sadat. During his reign as Egypt’s fourth president, Mubarak was known for his strict and harsh dealings with any opposition.  His dictatorial rule led to the civilian revolt […]

Barry Lynn Targeting Pastors Supporting Republicans

The Rev Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State has made a career of keeping Christianity out of anything to do with the government.  He and his organization have the misconception that the US Constitution established the need for separation of the two.  The Mission page of their website […]

Google Is Disingenuous To Churches and Schools

Google Inc. has long made a number of its products available to churches and other non-profits at discounted rates and even free. However, back in March, they revamped their Google Apps package along with the non-profit requirements. The new non-profit qualifying guidelines state that they will exclude a number of previously qualifying non-profits including schools, […]