Iran Smacks Obama Upside the Head, Gets Praised by President

(Update: The American sailors were reportedly released this morning.) Let’s see. President Obama cuts a “deal” with Iran for them to stop working on a nuke that would let them blow a crater in the Earth’s crust where Israel is (or where Washington, D.C., currently squats). Iran continues to threaten to destroy Israel, America and […]

No Academy Award for Obama’s Fake Tears

In Tuesday’s announcement when Barack Obama announced his latest illegal and unconstitutional actions to impose more gun control laws, he teared up when speaking about the kids that were killed Sandy Hook Elementary School. A number of mainstream media outlets reported about him tearing up and showed him wiping away a tear from his eye. […]

“I Don’t Want to Take Your Guns Away” Another Obama Lie

When Barack Obama held his press conference to announce his unconstitutional gun control actions, he told the nation that he doesn’t want to take our guns away as if that one statement would fend off supporters of the Second Amendment. However, if you look at Obama’s history, you’ll quickly see that his statement was a […]

2016 – 4 More Years of Obama vs GOP

It seems the quest for the presidency has heated up early this time around than in past election cycles. Nearly a year and a half before the election, blows were being thrown by a number of candidates from both Democrats and Republicans with Donald Trump throwing the most punches of all. Currently, everyone is focused […]

Obama Releasing Hundreds of Terrorists from Gitmo to Rejoin War on America

Barack Obama has long made it known that he wants to close the prison at Gitmo. The question he often ducks is what to do with the known Islamic terrorists being held in captivity at Gitmo if the prison is closed. Without letting America know, Obama is quietly resolving the prisoner issue at Gitmo. He’s […]

Senator Embarrasses Obama, Left — ‘We’re at War’

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse let President Obama know what’s what in a response to the president’s Sunday night speech about ISIS. It seemed like Obama spent most of his speaking time trying to persuade Americans that he really knows what he’s doing, not playing catch up as it seems to a lot of people. Even […]

Anarchist Obama Uses Laws He Violated to Force States to accept Syrian Refugees

For the past several years, Barack Obama has deliberately violated the United States Constitution by instructing the Department of Homeland Security not to fully enforce federal immigration laws. Instead of detaining and deporting all illegal aliens, Obama instructed them to only deport illegals that have previous felony convictions. The DHS took the orders a step […]

Obama Wants America to be Like Chicago – More Shootings and Deaths

Once again Barack Obama is using a public shooting to push his efforts to eliminate the Second Amendment and disarm law abiding American citizens. On Friday, 57 year old Robert Lewis Dear shot and killed 3 people including a law enforcement officer and wounded 9 others at a Colorado Springs Planner Parenthood clinic. And once […]

Obama Uses Holiday Distractions to Sneak His Proposed Regulations Passed Everyone

Federal law requires the Executive Department to release their plans for the issuance of new regulations twice a year. The law does not specify when during the year the release is to take place. If the president has nothing to hide, then he generally issues his release during normal times of the year. But when […]

Nation’s Top Racist Gets 71% Pay Raise Thanks to Obama, de Blasio, AT&T, Walmart, Verizon & McDonalds

If I were to ask you who the top racist in America is, who would you name? I know a number of you would say Barack Obama, but in my opinion, no one is more racist than Al Sharpton. Worse yet is that he earns a six figure salary for his racism. Sharpton founded the […]

Guess Who Has ‘Compassion’ for Terrorists

In France, they get it now. The French government has shut the borders and declared a state of emergency. Protesters have taken to the streets, drowning out calls for “unity” with calls for removal of all Islamists from the country. French law enforcement is searching for anyone connected with the Paris massacre or who might […]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Ask Supreme Court to Stop Obama’s Usurpation of Congress

Several years ago, over 200 citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona petitioned County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for and hold the office of president. The task was given to the sheriff’s Cold Case Posse who after months of investigation found overwhelming evidence that indicated Obama’s birth certificate presented by the […]