Thomas Piketty – The Latest Leftist Hero

All this talk by the president of “Income Inequality” seems to be quite well-timed. It coincides nicely with the blitzkrieg of promotion regarding the book Capital in the Twenty First Century by French economist Thomas Piketty. Who better to attempt to trash the capitalist system than a French socialist and obvious Keynesian. In Capital, a […]

The Tea Party Is Terrifying The Financial Elite And It Is A Glorious Thing!

A couple of years ago the media tried to puff up a bunch of useless protests, mostly by students and a few Leftist activists, called Occupy Wall Street. The reason OWS had any play at all was because in 2008 it was pushed into the face of all Americans that our government is mostly owned […]

Children of Privilege Busted in Occupy Bomb Scheme

You’ve got to admire the “ethics” of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. All that looking out for the humble 99 percent while going after the evil 1 percent must be exhausting. Thank goodness, then, for the 1.5 percenters who are actually in charge of the Occupy movement and put in the work to bring about […]

Powerball Corruption Propagates Obama Voters

Watching the coverage of the Powerball lottery yesterday, was more like watching an infomercial to encourage gambling. It seems that the media has spent itself sneering at Tea Partiers worried about the economy and are just fine promoting poverty culture. But some of the coverage also shows the truth about the envy in such a […]

Left-Wing Protesters at RNC Need to Look in the Mirror

In the future Socialist history book of “useful idiots,” the modern-day liberal American protester will go down as a shining example. Although often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, the phrase “useful idiots” may have originated from a term Reader’s Digest cited in the 1940s as being used by Yugoslav government officials to describe collaborators: “Koristne Budale, […]

Left-Wing Radicals Looking for Confrontation at Republican Convention

Tampa, Florida, is buzzing with preparations for the Republican National Convention amid threats from every variety of Left-Wing radical and even a possible hurricane. Tampa police were busy cleaning up caches of suspicious objects like bricks and pipes, chasing down leads on threats from an assortment of radical groups and trying to ensure security as […]

White House Told Law Enforcement to Ignore Occupiers

The federal General Services Administration, with the White House’s blessing and the Department of Homeland Security’s knowledge, ordered law enforcement personnel not to arrest Occupy Seattle protesters who broke the law last year. Department of Homeland Security documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch show law enforcement was told to […]

Obama’s Pragmatism Stops U.N. Arms Treaty — for Now

In the end, Barack Obama didn’t have the guts to take the guns … yet. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty was expected to be finalized by member nations on Friday, but on Friday morning, the U.S. representatives announced that America needed more time to consider the treaty. Almost immediately, Russia and China pulled the plug […]

Is There a Connection Between Colorado Shooting, U.N. Arms Treaty?

There are conspiracy theories, and there are conspiracy theories. For instance, the one about metamorphing space lizards secretly running the planet I’ll believe when I actually see a member of Britain’s royal family actually turn into a space lizard, a la “V.” But some conspiracy theories have just enough meat on them to make you […]

Holy Brain Drain! Democrats Want Us to Believe Obama’s Batman

The lies coming out of the Obama campaign just get more and more desperate. Even liberal stalwarts like the Washington Post have acknowledged that Obama is lying like a rug about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. So what do you do when you’re caught in a massive lie by just about every news outlet […]

United Nations, Occupy Oakland Have Lots in Common

The United Nations this past week issued a wish list of ways to gouge the successful people of the world to fuel its dreams of global empire. Meanwhile, on the Fourth of July, a small band of Occupy Oakland brigands had a more direct means of accomplishing the same goal when it held a rally […]

Next Phase in Stealing Election: Homeland Security Stops Deportations of Young Illegal Immigrants

Faced with falling support among blacks, Jews, women and every other group of supporters President Obama is making a play to boost his popularity among Latinos by doing an end run around Congress again. Unable to pass the Dream Act for the past two years, Obama has ordered his Department of Homeland Security to halt […]