Children of Privilege Busted in Occupy Bomb Scheme

You’ve got to admire the “ethics” of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. All that looking out for the humble 99 percent while going after the evil 1 percent must be exhausting. Thank goodness, then, for the 1.5 percenters who are actually in charge of the Occupy movement and put in the work to bring about […]

Okay to Urinate on Cross, but Not on Taliban

Earlier this month, many American and world leaders were in an uproar over an incident involving several marines who were photographed urinating on the corpses of members of the Taliban.  Obama and others spoke about how offensive it was to defile the dead bodies of a sworn enemy by urinating on them. It seemed that […]

OWS Showing True Character

Over the past couple months, we’ve all seen and read reports of crimes that have taken place in the various Occupy movements around the nation.  There have been hundreds of reports of thefts with other reports of rape, drug abuse, sexual and physical assaults. In most cases they are trespassing on public property by violating […]

Occupiers around the Nation Turning to Lawlessness and Violence

As with so many things in America that may start out in a peaceful manner, it seems that eventually it is ruined by immoral thugs that care more about creating havoc than the groups cause.  In the case of the Occupy movement, crime and violence is making more headlines than the initial cause. In San […]