This Politically Incorrect Sign Doubled Bakery’s Business

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. Just standing up for your beliefs is one of them and not backing down when confronted by the media and a few loudmouth malcontents. It seemed like a little thing when Rosa Parks decided not to move to the back of the bus. […]

Conservative Voters Make Their Votes Heard in KY, OH and Houston

If the November 2015 elections say anything, it’s that Democrats need to look out in 2016. After winning the nation in 2008, Democrats have been slowly losing ground ever since. In 2010 they lost control of the House of Representatives. Even though Obama won the White House in 2012, Democrats lost seats in both the […]

Illegals Cost North Carolina Taxpayers $2 Billion a Year

Earlier this month, I reported that illegals cost Ohio taxpayers nearly $900 million a year, and those figures were based on numbers from a couple years ago meaning the figure is higher now. In 2010, it was estimated that there were at least 110,000 illegals living in Ohio. Five years later that figure has surely […]

Illegals Cost Maryland $1.9 Billion a Year

Earlier this week I wrote about illegal aliens costing Ohio nearly $900 million a year. I pointed out that Ohio is not one of the states that you would first think of when speaking about illegals. I strongly suspect that Maryland is another state that would not come to mind when speaking about illegals but […]

Illegals Cost Ohio Nearly $900 Million a Year

When you hear about illegal aliens, you generally think of Border States like Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas and of course Florida, but most people don’t think of states further north like Ohio as having a problem with illegal aliens. I live in the northern tip of Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and […]

Electronic Monitoring of Criminal Fails to Protect Teen Girl

Cody Lee Jackson, 20 years old, hails from Norwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. For reasons you are about to see, he should be locked away permanently before he kidnaps and rapes another female. In August 2014, Jackson is charged with holding an adult woman and a minor against their will in a hotel in […]

Ohio Supreme Court Logic Means Judges Would Have Had to Return Runaway Slaves

“What harm will come to you if same-sex marriage is made legal? No third parties will be forced to support same-sex marriage in any way.” How many times did we hear this assured claim in defense of same-sex marriage? Like so many things liberals say to get laws passed, this was one of the biggest […]

Black Democrat Attacks Planned Parenthood Because all Black Lives Matter

Cleveland Democrat Bill Patmon is black. The following is from his speech at an Ohio Right to Life rally announcing his co-sponsorship of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. For Rep. Bill Patmon, black lives matter, even those in the womb. The following is from Breitbart: _______________ I wrote a speech, but I don’t think […]

I Thought ‘Gay’ Was the ‘New Black’: Black Judge Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couple

“A Toledo Municipal Court judge who declined to marry a same-sex couple said . . . his decision was based upon his ‘personal and Christian beliefs.’ Judge C. Allen McConnell said in a written statement his refusal . . . followed his beliefs developed over many years.” I wonder if he could have used the […]

Officials Testify to Congress that Obama’s Amnesty to Result in Illegals Voting Illegally

Ever since Barack Obama started violating federal immigration laws, I wrote that his underlying intentions were to keep illegals in the US so that they could illegally vote for Democrats in local, state and national elections. In many states, all they have to do to register to vote is obtain a valid driver’s license and […]

Ferguson’s Lesson: The Police Will Not Protect You

There are many things to learn about what is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, but one lesson is not being discussed very much. When it comes to riots fanned by the flaming rhetoric of race hustlers, guilt manipulators, and liberal apologists, when the excrement hits the fan, you and I are on our own. If […]

Could GOP Victory Mean the End of Common Core?

Over the past year, Common Core has come under attack from parents, teachers and politicians. Parents are starting to realize what garbage is included in the Common Core Standards. Its reading material not only promotes homosexuality and promiscuous sex but some of the materials glorify rape, incest and pedophilia. Parents are also finding out that […]