Paris Climate Agreement: No Change for Earth, Big Change for Economy

So at the end of all the hot air about the Paris climate conference, the bill is an estimated $1.5 trillion annually for an optimistic effect on the climate of maybe -0.170 degrees Celsius at the end of the century. That’s the upbeat scenario by Bjorn Lumborg and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The pessimistic scenario […]

It’s Easy to Find Islamic Terrorists if You Know Where to Look

For many moons, we on the right have been pushing for English as not just the national language of the United States, but the official language of the nation A common language is the tie that binds a nation together. Without it, we are left with little more than tiny foreign enclaves within a larger nation. […]

Climate Change Summit Key to Obama’s Terrorism Fighting Strategy

It’s not news that President Obama and the people in his Administration are out of touch, but every once in a while, they will exceed even the most cynical expectations. The Paris climate change summit evidently is one of those moments. On Sunday, Obama said that the climate change summit would send a message to the […]

Lessons From Paris: More Gun Control

Proof that liberalism is a form of congenital idiocy: The Violence Policy Center — if you couldn’t guess, an anti-Second Amendment group — in the wake of the Paris massacre is calling for a total ban on “assault weapons,” including “assault pistols” and “assault shotguns.” Don’t worry, you’ll still be allowed to keep your assault […]

Guess Who Has ‘Compassion’ for Terrorists

In France, they get it now. The French government has shut the borders and declared a state of emergency. Protesters have taken to the streets, drowning out calls for “unity” with calls for removal of all Islamists from the country. French law enforcement is searching for anyone connected with the Paris massacre or who might […]

Stephen King ‘s Outrageous Comments About Paris Murders and Christians

Stephen King has always had a love-hate relationship with religion. His fictional creations don’t work without a Christian context. The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption come to mind. Without God there is no moral universe to play against. King told Rolling Stone magazine that “he believed ‘in evil,’ but that all his life he has ‘gone back […]

Liberals Still Bowing to Islam After Paris Attacks

French officials estimate at least 129 people were killed in last week’s coordinated terrorist attacks by ISIS in Paris. An additional 350-plus were wounded, and nearly 100 of those are in critical condition. Within hours of the French attacks, al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida offshoot, killed at least 147 people at a university in Kenya, according to […]

Paris Concert Hall Like Aurora Theater – Gun Free Zone

In 2012, James Eagan Holmes started shooting in an Aurora, Colorado theater. He killed 12 and wounded 58. Second Amendment supporters like myself were quick to point out that the theater was a gun free zone, meaning that no one inside had the ability of right to defend themselves and others. The same holds true […]

Is Obama’s Immigration Policy Letting In Paris-Like Terrorists?

While Muslim extremists are killing Christians, threatening to burn down churches, and bombing some of Europe’s major cities, a cadre of college students is fearful of “micro-aggression” and want “safe places” so they don’t have to endure speech that disturbs them. What do they think would happen if Islamists took control of their schools? These […]

Paris Lives Out the Horror Planned for Europe, U.S.

The specifics couldn’t have been guessed, but nobody can say the events that occurred yesterday in Paris weren’t seen coming, and seen a long way off. Today, the non-Muslim world’s prayers should be with Paris and the families of the dead. The massacre of at least 153 people and wounding of so many more in a […]

Piss Christ Image Finally Removed by AP after Islamic Terrorist Attack in Paris

For 26 years, the Associated Press has posted the offensive image titled Piss Christ. Supposedly a work of art, the image is of a crucifix in a jar of the photographer’s urine. Many Christians and Christian organizations have complained to the Associate Press telling them that the image is offensive, denigrating and blasphemous, but AP […]

U.S. Leaders Absent as World Rallies to France’s Side

As much as Americans like to make fun of the French and vice versa, our two countries have historically usually been very close. The French were our first allies. Without them, it’s doubtful we could have defeated the British in the Revolutionary War. The Statue of Independence? That was a gift from the French to […]