Another Day, Another GOP Backstabbing

That didn’t take long. The once-promising Paul Ryan finally got a taste of power and promptly jumped into the same slime pit his predecessor John Boehner lived in. The new speaker of the House has “curated” his first trillion-dollar appropriations bill by betraying everything Republican voters keep hoping their leaders will support and instead checking […]

Conservatives Call for all Candidates for Speaker of the House to Oppose the Bad Budget Deal!

House conservatives are starting to stir again, and they aren’t happy about outgoing Speaker John Boehner’s decision to partner with President Obama to force through a very disturbing budget deal. Now conservative leader Mark Meadows (R-NC) is pushing to force any Republican hoping to be the next Speaker of the House to make killing the […]

Is Jason Chaffetz Any Better than Boehner?

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to make a very BIG announcement that the GOP establishment is sure to be upset with. While Chaffetz is generally seen as a safe “conservative” voice by many on the right, the truth is that he is as much of an “establishment” […]

Former GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Pushing to Get Trade Bill Passed

There is a confusing mess taking place in Washington right now. The debate over free trade has exploded, and it certainly seems to have become a very tangled web. The loudest dissenters in the debate are almost all liberal democrats arguing against President Obama’s proposed trade agreements. There are also quite a number of Republicans […]

Ryan Channels Pelosi: You’ll See Obamatrade After We Vote On It

Remember when then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”? Remember when we foolishly thought voting Republican would mean a change in that kind of imperious attitude? Well, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan brought to mind both those memories last night when […]

GOP Leader Calls for End of IRS

I never thought I would read such a pleasurable article. A GOP Establishment leader is actually calling for the end of the IRS. Maybe because a Lois Lerner email revealed that a senior Republican Senator was targeted for an audit that the GOP finally saw the hand writing on the wall. “An email has surfaced […]

More Balanced Budget Theatrics from Both Parties

Guy Benson, a contributor, wrote a piece entitled “Paul Ryan Introduces Balanced Budget, Democrats React Predictably.” The article begins: “There was some debate over whether House Republicans would offer any spending blueprint for fiscal year 2015, as some argue it would only hand Democrats ammunition ahead of the midterm elections. In light of the […]

What Amnesty is Really All About

It’s that time again; time for Democrats and Republicans once again to lie about how much we need a new immigration bill. Already, there is nothing new. It is the same old tired argument that poor immigrants are hiding in the shadows and just want to come into the light, be legalized, and become productive […]

Paul Ryan Has Forgotten Attack Ad Where He Kills Grandma

The Democrats are the enemy of the American people, and Paul Ryan better than anyone else should know this. There’s no way to soft peddle how unconstitutional, un-American, and immoral the policies of the Democrats are when we look at the results. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from hard-working Americans and given to others […]

Ryan Budget Plan To Cut Military Retirement Benefits

How many honest professions do you know of where a person could start at a young age and retire with benefits after only twenty years?  Remember, I said honest professions so that automatically eliminates politicians.  The ones that readily come to mind are law enforcement, fire fighters and military.  Most other professions will allow you […]

John Boehner and Paul Ryan’s Fear Did us a Big Favor

When John Boehner said effectively to read his lips, “If you are for tax cuts, you are for this budget,” did you believe him? When Paul Ryan explained that this budget is the best deal we can get, did you believe him? When old Johnny Boehner went on to exclaim that the budget deal, which […]

GOP Budget Deal Like Taking Hub Cap Off A Bus

A former co-worker of mine was a big guy.  He stood about 6’ 2” and must have weighed about 280 pounds.  He told me one day that he had started a new diet and was proud of the fact that he lost 20 pounds.  When he told his dad, his father’s comment was that it […]