In 1977 Jimmy Carter Said We Should Have Run Out of Oil by Now

Global Warming/Climate Change advocates claim that the debate is over. The science is settled. Debating the “science” behind the certainty of man-made Climate Change is like debating whether the earth is flat or round. So say supposedly 97 percent of all scientists. Rubbish. A similar no-debate claim was made in the 1970s about peak oil […]

President Barack Obama is Lying about American Oil Reserves

If you believe what the President Barack Obama is saying, drilling for more oil won’t affect the price of gasoline, and there aren’t enough oil reserves in the United States to satisfy or growing energy needs. I’m not opposed to securing all the foreign oil reserves we can. The sooner the Islamic nations are out […]

Why Gasoline Will Be $1.00 a Gallon in 2012

By Eric Peters I was researching some “Now vs. Then” costs for a story I did recently on car prices when I stumbled onto something interesting – and revealing. And so, worth sharing. Find an inflation calculator; for example the federal government’s Bureau of Labor statistics CPI (Consumer Price Index) calculator (click here). Select 1980 […]