How Obama Might Have Responded to Attack on Pearl Harbor

It’s hard to compare historical events, but the attack on Pearl Harbor has been compared to the attack on the Twin Towers on January 11, 2001. Did American respond well? The Patriot Act was not the best response. Here’s a funny editorial cartoon speculating how President Obama might have responded to the Pearl Harbor attack if […]

Rep. Mick Mulvaney Offers Up Lame Excuses Why He and Others Voted for Boehner

A number of newly elected Republican Congressmen and women voted for John Boehner for speaker after they ran a campaign opposing the GOP leadership. Mick Mulvaney, U.S. Congressman from the 5th district of South Carolina, is giving cover for himself and those who voted for Boehner. He begins by stating “that people lie about how […]

What I Learned While Living with a One-Legged Man

Men and women who have served in Iraq are returning home. More than 4400 will never return. Many will return with damaged psyches, broken bodies, and missing limbs. We won’t know for a long time if these causalities were worth it. For those who lost loved ones, it wasn’t worth it. I know they have […]