Background Checks Could Not Have Prevented Black Muslim Terrorist Attempted Assassination of White Cop

Last Friday, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett was sitting in his police car when a man ran up to the driver’s side door, shooting as he approached. When the gunman reached the car, he reached his hand inside the windowed and continued to shoot until his gun was empty. Amazingly, Hartnett was only hit three […]

Third-World Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

The Black Panthers are back intimidating voters at Philadelphia precincts. You don’t need an ID to vote; all you need is a Black Panther to help you. A similar incident took place in 2008. Charges were filed against the intimidators, but Obama’s Attorney General wasn’t interested. The charges of voter intimidation were dismissed. Now they’re […]

Occupiers around the Nation Turning to Lawlessness and Violence

As with so many things in America that may start out in a peaceful manner, it seems that eventually it is ruined by immoral thugs that care more about creating havoc than the groups cause.  In the case of the Occupy movement, crime and violence is making more headlines than the initial cause. In San […]

Abortion Workers Use Scissors to Stab Babies Born Alive

Many abortion advocates have no clue what goes on at the clinics they endorse, nor do they really want to know.  They believe that women have this God-given right to say what happens to their body even if it means murdering an unborn child. But what about the babies?  Do they have any rights? Sadly, […]