Let’s Give Everyone $4.3 Million and End Poverty Tomorrow

Lottery fever hit big a few weeks ago. The last jackpot was more than $1.5 billion. Of course, the government will get its multi-millions. That’s what it’s really all about: people voluntarily giving their money away to the government. Yes, a few people will make millions, but the government will get money it would not […]

Children Being Taught God is Not Part of Thanksgiving

What are children told about Thanksgiving in our nation’s government (public) schools? Who or what are they thanking? Ancient fish that evolutionists claim are our grandmothers? “Grandmother Fish is the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.” There is no god in the world of evolution. Are children to thank the molecules that evolved from “goo […]

Textbooks Criticized for Claiming Moses Influenced Founding Fathers

The biggest censors in America are liberals. They refuse to have an open discussion of the bad science behind evolution, compare critics of man-made global warming alarmists as comparable to holocaust deniers, and work tirelessly to scrub every vestige of the Bible’s influence on America’s founding. The latest example comes from the red state of […]

The Foundation Stone of American Liberty can be Laid Again

It’s been said that history repeats itself. Actually, it’s people who repeat the mistakes of history. We’re seeing a fundamental shift in worldviews taking place in America. A similar shift had taken place in England. It was that shift that brought about fundamental changes to the world. What took place in a small corner of […]

Why the ‘Left Behind’ Film Flopped and Why It’s a Good Thing

If there’s one thing that Christians get upset about is a disagreement over some of their cherished beliefs they think are found in the Bible. The belief that Christians are going to be taken off the earth prior to a Great Tribulation has been a big part of evangelicalism for decades. What many Christians do […]

Did You Just Celebrate ‘National Genocide Day’?

MSNBC has a new host. He’s Mia Farrow’s son, Ronan Farrow.1 Ronan is a smart guy. He graduated from college at 15. He graduated from Yale Law School. He subsequently studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in 2012. It seems that all his learning has left him bereft of an understanding of Thanksgiving. […]

The Only Recipe That Will Save and Restore America

America is in one royal mess and everyone knows it.  It doesn’t matter which political party you adhere to, everyone agrees that we are in a world of hurt. Actor Kirk Cameron looked at America today and wondered what went wrong.  He’s heard so many people saying that America wasn’t founded on Christian or biblical […]

‘Monumental’: America’s National Treasure Resides in Our Homes, Not the White House

Hard for me to imagine, but I am now 41. Amazing. It seems like yesterday my poofy mullet and parachute pants were all the rage, and Prince had a #1 hit on the radio. Now I’m married to the most beautiful woman, raising six children, and living the American dream. Our country has changed so […]

Obama’s Thanksgiving Address Fails to Mention God

In keeping with his Marxist philosophies, President Barack Obama intentionally omitted any mention of God in his Thanksgiving Day address to the nation. Whether you realize it or not, this was not an accidental oversight. From his school days to college and to the White House, Obama has continually surrounded himself with radical socialists and […]