Chicago Police Corruption Follows Obama’s Lawless Examples

Chicago has a near century old tradition of corruption and lawlessness. From the gangster days of Al Capone, Bugs Moran and John Dillinger to the days of corrupt politicians like former Mayor Richard J. Daley, former Alderman William Carothers, former Alderman and State Senator Fred Roti, former US Representative and Gov. Rod Blagojevich, present Mayor […]

Airport Police Shooter Strategy: Run, Hide

Protect and serve used to be the motto of police departments. But for Chicago airport police, that motto has been changed to “run and hide.” According to a recent CNN story, Chicago’s aviation department advises its police officers confronted with an active shooter to run away and find someplace to lock themselves in safely. An […]

An Ignorant Hollywood Liberal Who Made His Fortune From White People Seeing His Films

Hollywood liberals are some of the most rabid and ill-informed leftists on the planet, and another one has come out to prove it. This time it’s Samuel L Jackson — you know — the black guy that’s in 90% of the movies made in the last 20 years and seems to be always killing people. In […]

Chicago Mayor Blames Police for Increase in Crimes

Over the past couple of years there have been a growing number of incidents where law enforcement officers are being accused of crimes for carrying out their jobs and defending themselves. Most of the cases involve blacks and the majority of these cases involve blacks who refuse to cooperate with police and resist arrest. The […]

Child Arrested for Building a Clock to Impress Teacher

Remember those youthful days when you had that teacher you just really wanted to impress? Maybe you just liked them, thought they were really smart, or whatever. You just wanted to get a smile and an “attaboy” out of them? When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed walked into his Irving, Texas, classroom at MacArthur High School on […]

Police Lives DON’T Matter to Racial Activists

We’ve all heard that black lives matter and I’ve written several times lately to show the racial hypocrisy behind this campaign. It’s obvious that black lives only matter when they were killed by a white or Hispanic. However, since the vast majority of blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks, it’s also obvious that black […]

Police Department Disbanded After Councilwoman, Son Arrested

Officially, the City Council of Wellston, Missouri, disbanded the town’s entire police force without warning in order to cut expenses. Police officers came to work earlier this week to find that all 23 of them had been fired, the locks on the police station had been changed, and they were required to turn in their guns and […]

Crime Soars, Arrests Plummet in Baltimore

Residents of West Baltimore are feeling the instant karma these days after six officers were indicted on charges as severe as murder in the death of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries he apparently received while in custody but which may have been self-inflicted. The exact cause of Gray’s injuries has been questioned, and at […]

6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Death

And the first words out of almost every media outlet’s mouths were “will this appease the protesters?” First, I couldn’t care less about appeasing protesters. It’s like appeasing terrorists or a small, yappy dog. Not gonna do it. Second, the first question out of the mouth of a real journalist, upon hearing that six police […]

Obama’s Black Militant Marching Buddies Advocate Shooting Police

In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama marched with members of the New Black Panthers at an event in Selma, Alabama. This took place during the early stages of his campaign for the White House. Photos were taken at the time and were posted on Flickr, but by 2011, all of the photos showing Obama marching […]

Race-Baiting Black Leaders React to Mayor’s Letter of Support for Police

Over the past few years, a number of police officers have come under attack for doing their jobs. In some cases city mayors like New York’s Bill de Blasio have seemed to side with those attacking their police officers rather than supporting the men and women who put their lives on the line every day […]