Majority of Americans Against Banning Assault Weapons

One of Obama’s prime gun control measures is the call to ban all assault and assault-style weapons. He doesn’t want them manufactured, sold or owned by any American citizen. If you believe Obama’s lying rhetoric, assault and assault-style weapons are the cause of most of the gun violence in America, even though they are involved […]

Hillary ‘Neither Honest nor Trustworthy’ Say Polls

A year ago, it seemed that no matter what Hillary Clinton did, her image among the majority of American voters was spotless and shining. According to the latest polls, that image is plagued with a rash of spots and is becoming dull and tarnished. The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows that Hillary Clinton’s popularity […]

Obama Vetoes Thousands of Jobs and America’s Energy Independence

The Keystone XL Pipeline would transport crude oil from the rich Canadian oil fields to refineries on the Gulf coast. The pipeline project would create up to 40,000 new jobs. It would also be a huge step to the goal of making America energy independent. Even the labor unions, which are strongly Democratic support the […]

Poll Indirectly Indicates GOP Could Lose Run for White House in 2016

Republicans considering a run for the White House in 2016 are starting to strut around like a bunch of roosters vying for a handful of hens. I’m not sure if anyone has officially declared themselves to be a candidate but they are taking on the appearance of such. I’m sure you’ve heard a number of […]

Poll Shows Why Obama’s Unemployment Figure is Down and WRONG

President Obama set a national record of over 40 weeks of 8% or higher unemployment figures. Then miraculously, his reported unemployment figures began to drop earlier this year. The main reason for that drop is that the federal government does not use an accurate figure. The statistics they use (U-3 unemployment figures) excludes people who […]

Poll Shows Dems Could be in Trouble in November’s Midterm Elections

The last midterm election temporarily shook the Obama administration when Americans voted in a number of Republicans to the House, wrestling control away from the Democrats.  After the initial shock, Obama strived harder to keep absolute control and force the House Republicans into one compromise after another. This year’s midterm election may be equally shocking […]

Poll Indicates GOP Could Take Senate Seat from Democrat

The future of America is riding high on this year’s mid-term elections.  Republicans are looking good at retaining control of the House, but the Senate is another story.  At the moment, Democrats hold 53 seats, the Republicans hold 45 and there are 2 Independents that generally vote with the Democrats.  To gain control of the […]

Hillary Clinton has Americans Duped

On Sunday, the latest CNN/ORC International survey was released and while some of the results were expected, other results were disturbing to say the least. Expected results were: 64% said Hillary was a strong and decisive leader. 68% said Hillary was likeable. 56% said Hillary shared their values. 55% said Hillary can get the economy […]

Huffington Poll Finds Most Support Abortion Restrictions After 20 Weeks

It surely must be upsetting to the feminazis at Planned Parenthood and NOW when even a hard-liberal organization like the Huffington Post can’t whip up support for the abortion cause. A poll sponsored  by the Huffington Post found 59 percent of Americans would favor a federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The […]

Mayor Bloomberg: Boston Proves We Need A New Interpretation Of The Constitution

Leave it to the nanny mayor to use the Boston bombing as an opportunity to argue that we need to be willing to give up our Constitutional liberties and live in a surveillance/police state in order to be more safe and secure. After all, let’s not forget that we still live in a post-9/11 era […]

Associated Press “Racist” Poll Shows AP Hates White People

Maybe they’re trying to drum up another “October surprise” by releasing a poll that shows that the majority of white respondents are racist toward blacks and Latinos. Pollsters are lamenting that white people’s attitudes towards blacks haven’t gotten any better since Obama took office. According to the Associated Press poll, racial attitudes towards blacks have […]

Obama the Politician Americans Most Want Launched Into Space — Poll

In a new poll conducted by Kelton Research, most respondents say President Obama would handle an extraterrestrial invasion better than Mitt Romney. Almost two-thirds (65 percent) said Obama would be a better choice to “let loose on aliens if our nation was being threatened,” according to the report, titled “Aliens Among Us: Are Movies Getting […]