Why Is Sanders Catching Clinton in Iowa Polls?

The past couple of days, several news outlets have been reporting that Bernie Sanders is rapidly gaining strength in Iowa polls and in some of the polls he is only a couple points behind Clinton. However, none of the news outlets are explaining why. I suggest that there are three main reasons why Sanders is […]

Holder Sends Agents to Watch for Racial Discrimination at the Polls Not Voter Fraud

You would have thought that with all of the widespread reports of voter fraud flooding the conservative airways (you hear very little of it on the liberal mainstream media) that US Attorney General Eric Holder would be sending agents out to watch for voter fraud, but he didn’t. He did send Justice Department agents out […]

Obama Again Hurts Democrats’ Chances at Polls

Due to Barack Obama’s record low poll numbers and sagging approval ratings, many Democrats, incumbents and new candidates have been trying to distance themselves from him in their campaigns. They feel that they have a better chance of winning in November without Obama’s support than with it. Two weeks ago I wrote about Obama opening […]

Men in Women’s Bathrooms Turn Polls Away from Transgender Anti-Discrimination Laws

California and Maryland have passed a transgender anti-discrimination law that prevents anyone from offending people claiming to be a transgender person. Most polls are showing that the American public is growing more supportive of such laws. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 46% of American adults favor laws banning any discrimination against transgender individuals. […]

Polls Indicate GOP Likely to Take Senate Seat from NC Dem Incumbent

Last year offered hope that the Republicans could gain control of the US Senate this year by winning 5 additional seats.  Six Democrats have announced their retirements and their seats will be up for grabs. In December, Karl Rove, political strategist and former Deputy Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush predicted that the […]

Polls Show Americans Say No To Military Action Against Syria

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are determined that the US should be the world’s police and use military force against the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons.  They are doing everything including arm twisting to get members of Congress to support their plans to possibly spark World War III. […]

Polls Reveal Voters Oppose Immigration Reform Bill

I’m sure most of you have seen the commercials on TV pushing the passage of the Gang-of-8 immigration reform bill.  They make it look so positive and that voting for it should be a no brainer.  They also tell you that over 70% of Americans favor passing the bill. But that’s not the real story. […]

Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday

Forest Park is a city of about 19,000 residents in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, in Hamilton County.  In 2008, Hamilton County voted for Barack Obama while most of the surrounding counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana voted Republican. With so many eyes on Ohio in yesterday’s election, it was no surprise to see […]

Why the Sudden Swing in the Polls to Romney?

A lot of voters have not been following the presidential election. As the election nears, more people are beginning to pay attention. Those of you who read articles on this site know all the issues. A majority of American voters don’t. Now that they’re paying attention, they need a way to make their decision. The […]

Do the Polls Show that the Election is Over and Obama Will be Reelected?

The polls don’t look that great for Romney at this time. A couple of polls have Obama up five points. I don’t understand how President Obama’s approval rating is around 42 percent and yet 49 percent of voters say they’re going to vote for him again. I suspect that there are people who disapprove of […]

Why are President Obama’s Overall Poll Numbers Still High With all the Bad News?

I’m perplexed. President Obama’s poll numbers are dropping with almost every group, even among blacks. Even so, the media keep reporting that his overall approval rating is still around 50 percent. Even ‘Obama Girl’ has lost her crush on the President. Are the media manipulating the overall numbers to mask what’s really going on? Consider […]

Same-Sex Marriage and the 2012 Presidential Campaigns

Vice President Joe Biden made another blunder last week and ended up forcing President Barack Obama to publically endorse same-sex marriage.  There’s never been any doubt about where he stood on the issue as he has done many things to set the stage for national acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriages.  But now it’s official […]