“Scholar of American Religion” Doesn’t Know Much about Christianity

In a USA Today article, Stephen Prothero writes that “Sanders, a secular Jew, is the most Christian candidate in this race.” Prothero self-identifies as a “scholar of American religion.” All that means is that he has a PhD from a secular institution, but it doesn’t guarantee that he really knows that much about religion, especially the […]

Do Guns Possess Jedi Mind Control?

The title sounds obviously ridiculous, but if you really listen to anti-gun people like Barack Obama and thousands of other anti-America liberals, you would almost believe that guns are somehow able to control the minds of people like the Jedi knights in Star Wars. Obama continues to use incidents like the tragedy in Charlotte last […]

Feminists Upset About ‘Sexist’ Shirt But Not Naked Women at the Vatican

Feminists are upset about comet scientist Matt Taylor, who has a PhD in space plasma physics from Imperial College London and works on the Rosetta Project, was wearing a shirt about the comet landing while being interviewed that depicts scantily glad comic-book style women. Here’s how USA Today reported the story: “After years of effort, the […]