Muslim Prayer Demands Could Shut Down Your Business

Anyone familiar with snow blowers and lawn tractors should also be acquainted with the brand name Ariens. The company produces tractors, snow blowers, and a slew of accessories at around 20 plants worldwide. But the majority of the manufacturing takes place right here in the good old U.S.A. Who says nobody in the U.S. makes anything anymore? […]

Supreme Court Upholds Town Council’s Opening Prayers as Ceremonial Only

When George Washington was elected President of the United States, he marched everyone to a local church to worship and praise God. He offered up a prayer to God, thanking Him for his sovereign grace and mercy in the formation of the new nation. Christianity, worship of God and prayer has played a vital place […]

A Nation’s Prayers Being Answered

Over the past one hundred years, America has been steadily and carefully steered down the path of atheistic socialism. Under President Obama, it has appeared as if America was nearing end of the path and that there was no means of return. But with God, all things are possible. Christians around the nation have been […]