Obama’s Boring and Sad State of the Union Address

  On Tuesday evening President Obama delivered his FINAL (Yay!) State of the Union address as President. It was a day for Americans across the nation to breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that our long national nightmare is almost over. Liberals hoped for a stirring Obama tirade – something that would excoriate […]

Ted Cruz Mocks Obama’s State of the Union, Says the President is in a “State of Denial”!

In the aftermath of what some pundits are calling “the worst speech of the Obama era” (which is saying a lot, because Obama has delivered some terrible speeches), presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News and viciously mocked Obama’s last State of the Union speech. It was vintage Cruz. This was not so much […]

Hillary Clinton’s Blatant Hypocrisy Uncovered in Emails

  The latest Clinton email dump by the Obama State Department may well prove to be the last nail in Hillary Clinton’s political coffin. Why? It holds several interesting tidbits (the most damning of which shows Clinton commanding her underlings to strip “classified” identifiers from the data and then to send it on to her […]

Marco Rubio Hammers Obama on North Korea, Reminds Americans that the Clintons Wanted to Travel There

  Are you wondering why Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has spent so much of his time campaigning talking about national security? Well, wonder no more. While speaking to a crowd of supporters in Marshalltown, Iowa Rubio excoriated the Obama administration for showing such feckless disregard for our safety over the last seven years. He hammered […]

Jeb Bush Finally says Something we Agree with: the Rise of Donald Trump is Barack Obama’s Fault

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently sat down with President Obama’s favorite little “journalist,” Steve Inskeep of NPR. The two met in Boston, where Bush was in the midst of campaigning, and of course the topic of conversation centered around… Donald Trump. Inskeep and Trump trotted out all of the anti-Trump tropes they could muster, […]

Barack Obama Caught Spying on Israel and Congress – Why Don’t Liberals Care?

Liberal hypocrisy has been on almost constant display for the past 7 years. The very people who worried and whined about presidential abuse of power under George W. Bush have fallen silent as Barack Obama pushes executive abuses far further. Whether on mass surveillance, war, law enforcement (or non-enforcement), civil liberties, etc. etc. etc… the […]

Conservative Radio Host says Hillary Clinton is a Liar Who Owes Donald Trump an Apology

  “Hillary Clinton lied. She lied again.  She invented a second video narrative which has nothing to do with the truth…   That video does not exist and she owes Donald Trump and apology.” — Hugh Hewitt Wow. So, a conservative radio host doesn’t like Hillary Clinton… that’s no surprise. What is surprising is how well, […]

More than 30 Recent Immigrants Caught with Ties to Terrorism!

Over the summer Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a list of recent immigrants who had been arrested after being tied to terrorist plots. At the time the list was about 20 people long, but over the last few months Senator Sessions has continued to update it, and the list now stands at more than 30! […]

Former Army Chief of Staff says We Need “Boots on the Ground” to Beat ISIS

  President Obama and the Democrats keep arguing that we’ll never see American soldiers in Iraq again (or in Syria ever), but the military may not be in agreement with his assessment. Retired General Ray Odierno, former Army Chief of Staff, was on MSNBC earlier this week to argue that there was simply no way […]

Marco Rubio Destroys Obama’s Climate Change Hysteria

During a campaign event, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) hit a homerun when he answered a question from the crowd about President Obama’s Climate Change agenda. The questioner wanted to know if Senator Rubio believed that we could “tax our way to lower emissions”? Of course Rubio said “no,” but he went even further showing how […]

Is Free Speech Dead? Obama Attorney General Promises to Prosecute Anyone Using “Anti-Muslim Speech”

In the aftermath of yet another Muslim terrorist attack on innocent people, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is promising swift and aggressive action against evildoers… Oh no. Not the evildoers who committed the terrorists acts. No, she’s promising to act against Americans who speak out about the dangers of Islam. Now obviously this is a country […]

Obama’s Keeping Us ‘Safe’ While Bringing in Thousands of Unvetted Muslim Syrians

President Obama continues to offer platitudes and rhetoric that directly contradict his actions when it comes to protecting our nation. In comments he made on Wednesday the President tried to offer some comfort to the American people about the state of national security in relation to events happening abroad. “Right now, we know of no […]