Bernie Sanders: Of Course I’ll Raise Taxes

There’s one thing about Bernie Sanders, a character trait he has that is not shared by other Democrats. He’s honest. Don’t read too much into that. He’s delusional if he thinks an open Socialist can win the presidency, even in this ignorant age. And he’s stark raving crackers if he thinks his policies would actually […]

Email Spin: Clinton Probe Definitely Criminal

Despite assurances from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that the investigation of her use of a private email server for State Department business is only civil and “fact-finding,” the New York Post reports that sources in the FBI say the investigation is a criminal probe. “It’s definitely a criminal probe,” said one source. “I’m not sure why they’re […]

Now That Cruz is Running, Suddenly Birth Certificates Matter

The hosts of The View got out their claws now that Ted Cruz has declared he is running for president. The harpy klatsch wasted no time in demanding to see Ted Cruz’s birth certificate. Apparently, they’ve been waiting for years to spring this clever trap on an unsuspecting Republican. Cruz, as you may know, was […]