AZ Prison Allows Inmate to Beat, Stab and Rape Female Teacher

A number of prisons in the US try to help inmates with their education by bringing in teachers to help them obtain their GEDs. They also provide access to prison libraries and online classes for prisoners with those privileges. Such is the case with the Arizona Department of Corrections. In January 2014, they brought in […]

Death of a Patriot: Irwin Schiff

Why is it that someone is sent to prison for not paying a debt? A person can disagree with the government and any or all of its laws. That is clearly stated in the First Amendment. There are people who oppose the Second Amendment and encourage other people to oppose the Second Amendment, but they […]

Voters Believe Released Gitmo Terrorists will Attack US Again

When our first Muslim leader took office in January 2009, he vowed to released his friends from Guantanamo Naval Base aka Gitmo and close the prison. At that time, polls indicated that 44% of voters agreed with Obama’s plans. Since then, Islamic terrorists have escalated their attacks on Americans and America and public opinion on […]

Teacher Facing 82 Years in Prison Reinstated to Classroom

Should a person facing ten different felony charges and possibly 82 years in prison be allowed to continue to teach? I know that you are supposed to be considered as innocent until proven guilty, but when someone has been indicted by a grand jury and forced to wear a court-issued ankle bracelet, would you want […]

Prisons and Slavery are Also Ways to Combat Hunger and Food Insecurity

Liberals (and conservatives) say the dumbest things. The latest comes from White House spokesman Jay Carney. The topic was cuts in SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: “These cuts come at a time when many hardworking American families are still struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the worst recession in decades and […]

Obama’s Racist Buddies Praise God if Zimmerman Killed In Prison Had He Been Convicted

I started to write this before the jury handed down their verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman.  This was a tragic case that was tried in the media long before the jury had their chance to deliberate and one thing was sure, liberals and blacks cared nothing about the evidence.  All they knew is […]

State Mind Control In One Lesson: Feed Prisoners Perversion Fantasies

If anyone had asked me, I might have thought that a female prison guard over males serving at “one of Iowa’s most dangerous prison units” was a bad idea. I’m glad no one asked me, because it took a female guard to expose how perversion was being fed to prisoners who were supposedly being rehabilitated. […]

Marine Wrongfully Imprisoned in Mexico is Home for Christmas

This is a follow up on the case of Jon Hammar being arrested in Mexico on an antiquated weapons law.  Hammar spent 5 months in a Mexican prison without ever seeing a judge because an antique shotgun he tried to legally take into Mexico had a barrel that was one inch shorter than Mexican law […]

Quadriplegic Rapist Goes Free

Steven Martinez was serving a 157-year term in prison for running over two women with his car in 1998, kidnapping one of them, absconding with her to an island somewhere and raping her repeatedly. Three years into his sentence, he got into a fight with other inmates, and he got stabbed in the neck, which […]

Iran’s Pastor Youcef Free – His Attorney in Prison

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah is an Iranian Muslim attorney who is well known for defending human rights issues in Iran.  Dadkhah, along with Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel laureate and others founded the Defenders of Human Rights Center.  Over the years he has defended a number of political and religious prisoners.  Perhaps his most famous client is […]

Murderer Gets 100 Days in Luxury Prison For Each Victim

On June 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik posted and emailed his radical conservative ideological treatise titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence.  He then detonated a bomb in a government building in Oslo, Norway, killing 8 people.  He then traveled to the island of Utøya and opened fire at the Worker’s Youth League camp, killing […]