Blacks Beat White Homeless Vet to Death – Where’s the Protests?

Robert Barnes, 51, was a white homeless veteran living on the streets of Olney, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. In January, his sister Diane visited him and bought him new boots to keep his feet warm in the cold winter. That was the last time she had a conversation with her brother. On April 7, […]

Communists Join Al Sharpton’s Racist Protests

Al Sharpton could possibly be the most hate filled racist in the entire United States. He makes his living by fueling the fires of racism. If all of the racial rhetoric, protests and bigotry ended today, Al Sharpton would be unemployed tomorrow and broke in less than a year. But if you look closely at […]

3 Cops Murdered Due to Racial Hatred: Will There be Nationwide Protests over This?

After the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, black activists began protesting even before they heard all of the evidence. The protests were based on the lies told by Brown’s companion in crime who claimed the teen was shot while walking away with his hands up. However, other eyewitnesses and the coroner’s report tell […]

Non-Union Teachers Forced to Pay for Union Salaries

Unions are becoming a cancer that needs to be eradicated. Like many cancers, they spread their deadly cells into other facets of life and impose unfair and unwanted agendas and requirements on members and non-members. In the past I’ve reported how unions bused people to another city to protest against Mitt Romney during the 2012 […]

Breaker, Breaker, We Got Ourselves a Vigilante Convoy

Like the cavalry arriving when things are at their darkest, a growing group of truckers is hoping they can swarm Washington D.C. and save the country. The organizers of the truckers convoy, inspired by the recent showing of thousands of motorcyclists who arrived in the capital to protest a Muslim march on September 11, want […]

Honoring Trayvon With Beatings, Muggings, Burglary and Arson

The family of Trayvon Martin, grieving for their lost child, called for calm reflection across the nation in the wake of the verdict that George Zimmerman was not guilty in Martin’s death. Their call has fallen on deaf ears. Around the country, angry mobs have made their presence felt in the wake of the verdict, […]