Why it’s Impossible to Soften Language against Killing Unborn Babies

Pro-abortionists blame “hateful rhetoric,” a phrase used by Planned Parenthood in a statement, for the shootings at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Like clockwork and in unision, pro-abortion supporters took up the Planned Parenthood media handbook on how to divert attention from what happens daily at Planned Parenthood facilities: unborn babies are […]

Holder Sends Agents to Watch for Racial Discrimination at the Polls Not Voter Fraud

You would have thought that with all of the widespread reports of voter fraud flooding the conservative airways (you hear very little of it on the liberal mainstream media) that US Attorney General Eric Holder would be sending agents out to watch for voter fraud, but he didn’t. He did send Justice Department agents out […]

Students Labeled Racist for Years if They Don’t Go On Islamic Field Trip

My friends in the United Kingdom have told me that Muslims have taken over whole communities and small towns.  In some of those areas, they have driven out non-Muslims by intimidation, sometimes with violence.  They have forced people to sell or abandon their businesses.  They’ve taken over the local governments, law enforcement and schools.  Numbers […]

If You Believe In Traditional Marriage You are a Segregationist

Traditional Marriage is a union between a man and a woman at the most intimate level. It’s Traditional Marriage not because a group of people decided to make it so. It’s traditional marriage because God made it so and made men and women biologically suitable that makes it so. The two become “one flesh” (Gen. […]

Affirmative Action = Racial Discrimination Against White Males

Years ago, I worked for a utility company that was a government entity.  As such they were given directives that they had to hire at least 20% minorities (blacks, Hispanic, American Indians and women).  The utility was also union, which meant job openings had to be posted and candidates had to meet the required qualifications […]