Indiana Governor to Protect Religious Rights of Hoosiers

Over the past decade, we’ve seen far too many reports of Christians having their religious rights violated by Selective Allowable Discrimination. Gay activists have pressed for preferential treatment and rights that trump the rights of Christians. They know that Christianity is one of their biggest enemies because it reveals the truth about their sinful lifestyle. […]

California Strips Away Religious Rights and Parental Authority

Barack Obama was the first leader to openly attack our religious rights and freedoms. He attacked them using the Affordable Care Act and then in the military. Once Obama’s challenges to our First Amendment rights and freedoms had become law, other liberal leaders have started attacking more of our constitutional rights. Planned Parenthood has teamed […]

Rhode Island Supreme Court Fails to Protect Religious Rights of Firefighters

What would you do if your boss ordered you to participate in a gay pride parade? If homosexuality violates your religious faith, you would be inclined to opt out of having to participate in something that is so sinfully detestable. But if your employer still insisted that you had to participate in the abominable event, […]

Nearly 80 Congressmen/Women Join Lawsuit to Challenge Contraception Mandate

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception mandate is an attack on the First Amendment right of freedom of religion.  Obama’s socialist agenda is doing its best to force progressive healthcare on an unwilling nation. Although there are waivers available for religious institutions, which have proven to be rather difficult to obtain, […]