Americans Support Repealing Bill of Rights

I usually don’t watch man on the street interviews unless I really feel the need for a cheap laugh. Most of them are like shooting fish in a barrel. You know the ones I’m talking about, like Jay Leno and some other talk show hosts do. Go to a street corner, ask people who’s a […]

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Tries to Nullify Petition to Repeal Her Ordinance

The fight between Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker and the city’s Christians and conservatives continues. After ramming an ordinance through the city council that gave LGBT people special privileges, including allowing gender confused men to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms; she launched an attack against those who opposed her. A number of Christian […]

Majority of Americans Expect GOP to Repeal Obamacare if they Win Control of Congress

Have you ever seen pictures or video of a prairie chicken in the spring?  The males strut about with their chests all puffed out, making a booming sound to announce their presence to all the females around.  At the end of March, President Barack Obama reminded me of a male prairie chicken as he strutted […]