White House Says Nothing In Proposed Anti-Gun Laws Violates Constitution

At a recent White House press conference, Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked about all of the local sheriffs that have stated that they will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws enacted by the federal government. The reporter for CNSNews.com asked Carney: “There have been 381 sheriffs that have signed on saying they would not enforce […]

County Sheriffs Can Block Federal Gun Control

President Obama has given his comic sidekick the task of pushing gun control measures through Congress.  Democrats and some liberal Republicans are calling for more gun control after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Some state and municipal politicians, like the #1 anti-gun person in the nation – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, […]

Stop the Feds and Support Your Local County Sheriff

Many people, including local law enforcement, do not realize that the county sheriff is the supreme law of the county according to the Supreme Court.  Unknowing sheriffs frequently allow various federal agencies to walk into their jurisdiction and take actions that they really don’t have the legal right to take. In 1997, Sheriff Richard Mack […]